Monday, January 16, 2017

Tirumanimada Koil-Narayana perumal 2. Tirunangur temples

The next temple I visited was of Narayana Perumal.
This temple is  bigger than Annan Koil.
It is believed that Lord Badrinarayana appeared here to Shiva when he appeared in His 11 divine forms.
Goddess  Padmathi Tayar is known here as Pundareega Valli Thayar.
All the other deities from other Tirunangur divyadesams  arrive here in  this temple in a procession during the Thai month on no moon day  in their Garuda Vahanams.
Thirumangai Azhwar also arrives here from Tirunagari and hymns composed by him are sung during the festival.
Temple timings are 8 Am-11.30 Pm
Evening 5.30-7.30 Pm


Teamgsquare said...

Nice temple. Interesting legend.

Shilpa said...

Nostalgic ! The kodimaram picture is so good

chitra said...

thank you Shilpa Chandrasekheran

chitra said...

Thank you Dhiru