Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jagadish Mandir, Udaipur , Rajasthan

Jagdish Mandir is an iconic temple  in Udaipur   and is situated atop a small hill. This temple in the lake city was built by Maharana Jagatsingh in 1651.The temple is a magnificent edifice, the whole  structure built completely in marble and has intricate carvings on every inch of this temple.

The presiding deity here is Lord of Universe Jagadish ; Lord Vishnu.
Dressed in bright silks and ornaments the deity's eyes hold you under His spell.
The mount of Lord Vishnu;Garuda here is  a bronze idol,  is very charming and has  a   shrine  facing the main deity,
There are sub shrines around the temple and the surroundings are maintained very well.
A flight of stairs leads one to the temple and one can totally enjoy  peace here. 
No one would leave this temple in a hurry as the peace and divine vibrations here hold you spell bound.
The pale glow of setting Sun presented an extra aura around the temple  as we visited in the evening. One can forget the outside world and focus on the divinity here.
Sharing a small collection of pictures.