Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Arimeya Vinnagaram or Kudamattukoothan 3. Tirunangur temples.

This temple is one among the 11 Vaishnava Tirupatis of  Tirunangur temples associated with Tirumangai Azhwar .

 Lord Vishnu here is in a sitting posture and is known as Koodamattukoothan and and His consort is  Amrithavalli Thayar,

There are separate shrines for Andal and  Rama.

Lord Vishnu appeared as Gopala Krishna to sage Uthanga  hence the Utsavar here is Sri Gopala Krishna

Here we find Chakravarthy Thazhwar idol in a  sitting posture.

The temple has a small 3 tier Gopuram and is situated in a village surrounded by lush green paddy fields. 

It is better to visit these temples during day time .
Temple timing 8 am- 12 Am., evening 4 Pm -7 Pm
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Teamgsquare said...

Nice temple. Good pictures.

SG said...

Thanks for the intro. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Can you tell us how to reach this place from Chennai? Thanks.

chitra said...

From Chennai either you can take a train or cab. You can stay at Mayiladuthurai.It would take less than five hours .There's a train from chennai Egmore to Kumbhakonam too.Travel time same. You can go to Tirunangur from Mayiladuthurai,it is around 22Kms. Other option is staying at Vaideeshwaran koil, near Sirkazhi. You get good accommodation here at Hotel Sadabhishegam.Distance from Sirkazhi to Vaideeshwaran koil is only 5 kms. You can visit temples in the vicinity too.From Sirkazhi ,Tirunangur is just 11kms. Use the services of the guide I have mentioned in my Annan koil post. I have shared his phone no.too.He is local man and has good contacts with priests. He will see that you get good darshan in all temples bcos the priests here manage 2-3 temples and they run between one temple to the other.his charges are between rs.600-700.

SG said...

Thanks Chitra.