Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nemam temple, Jeyam Kondeswararar Temple, Tamilnadu

I have already blogged about some of the 'Temples in and  around Karaikudi', and 'Soumya Narayana temple', in Sivaganga district of Tamilnadu. This is yet another temple I visited recently which is just 6 kms from the Pillyarpatti koil.( click the first link )

The deity of Nemam temple is Siva, known as Jayamkondeswarar and His consort is  Soundaryanayaki. Just outside the main shrine, we find a disfigured idol of the same Goddess which is  supposed to be the original idol. Usually disfigured , damaged idols are not worshipped  in any temples but here it is  worshipped as per the wishes of the Goddess.  The temple is a treasure trove of  art work and has richly ornamental pillars and life size statutes from mythology. There are shrines for  Vinayagar and Muruga on either side of the main shrine.

The temple has a beautiful pond with lot of lillies . Water tanks in front of the temple is a common sight in most of the Karaikudi temples. There is also a shrine for Vinayaka near the tank. The ceiling of the temple has a Rasi chakra representing all the Zodiac signs and also has paintings related to Siva Puranam. This temple is situated in serene and calm village and the trees around the temple is a safe haven for parrots. Bees also have made the ceiling their homes. Could find 2 beehives at the entrance itself.  
How to reach Karaikudi
Can be reached from Madurai and Trichy which are at 70 Kms and 82 Kms respectively. Both the cities have airports and railway stations. Karaikudi also has a railway station.
Buses ply from all the towns in Tamil Nadu to Karaikudi and all the above temples are on regular bus routes and are easily reachable.

Karaikudi town has good number of hotels for boarding as well as lodging.

Check pictures here

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shatrughna temple- Payyamal, Kerala

Temple of Shatrughna, the youngest brother of Lord Rama is situated at Payyamal in Kerala . The temple also forms  part of Nalambala darshanam. The temple is situated in a serene and clean village atmoshphere and the huge peepul tree in front, forms a canopy of sorts; as if holding an umbrella for the Lord here. This temple unlike other three temples Koodalmanikkam temple, Triprayar Rama temple, Lakshmana temple doesn't have a dwaja - flag post in front. This temple is just 6 Kms from the Koodalmanikkam temple in Irinajalakuda, Trichur district.

The temple was under renovation when I visited almost a year back and I have heard that work is still in progress. Those who wish to visit this temple must reach there before 9 a.m to have a good darshan or one has to visit the temple in the evening. I could capture some pictures from outside. The temple is very small  and there are no sub shrines outside.
This temple can reached from Ernakulam as well as from Trichur.

Pictures of the temple.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lakshmana temple, Moozhikulam, Kerala

Lord Lakshmana is the presiding  deity of Moozhikulam temple .

Moozhikulam temple is  believed to be 5000 years old. The idol here resembles that of Vishnu.  This temple is on Alwaye - Mala route in Ernakulam district.

The temple has a  Vatta sreekovil ( circular  shaped structure where deity is enshrined) and a dwaja sthamba .On the south side there are shrines for Ganesha and Siva  - Dakshina Moorthy.

Unseen manifestations of Lord Srirama , Seeta and  Hanuman are also worshipped here . There are sub shrines for for Ayyapa and Bahgavathy.( Mother Godess),Goshala Krishnan.

There is a mandapam with beautiful carvings of  Ashtadikpalakar carved in wood on the ceiling .

Devotees offer worship here to ward off the ill effects of Nagadosha. This temple  is very  famous and forms part of the Nalambala darshanam , other temples being Koodal Manikkam temple , Sree Rama temple Triprayar and Payyamel Shathrughna temple( shall post soon)

How to reach- This temple is easily accessible from Ernakulam.
More pictures below .