Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shanta Durga temple- Kavalem, Goa

Shanta Durga temple is in Kavalem, Ponda and is as attractive as the earlier temples I Goa. Durga is really a very powerful deity who was created for killing Mahishasura, the demon  and is always seen sitting on her  mount, the lion, wielding lethal weapons.  But the Goddess Durga here has  a serene look like her name Shanta((Peaceful) and She is sitting in a relaxed position with legs stretched in front as if waiting to see her devotees. The deity is decorated in rich silks and jewels. The  temple has brilliant glass lamps and chandeliers. The deepa sthambha gets lighted in the evenings.
There is also a shrine for Lakshmi Narayana on right side,This temple has beautiful tank with crystal clear water similar to Mangesh temple  and I could find a Tulsi in the tank.  Tulsi is worshipped in each and every Saraswat household too. People can spend time relaxing here as there are beautiful seating arrangements around the temple. An excellent place to relax and the Goddess ensures Peace and tranquility.
How to reach:
Kavalem is Ponda is 16 Kms from Madagaon  which is the nearest railway station.
Accomodation facilities are available in the temple complex itself for the community members and a canteen offering excellent food at very economical rates.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mangesh temple - Priol, Goa

Mangesh temple is situated on the Panaji-Ponda road. Mangesh (Siva) is the Presiding deity here. This temple was  originally in Kushasthali which was destroyed in 1543. The Lingam  was shifted to the present location to  Mangeshi in Priol. 
There is a Nandi in front of the main deity. There is also a shrine dedicated to Kala Bhairava  near the entrance of the temple. One has to climb a few steps to reach the temple. The temple has a beautiful tank and is surrounded by lot of greenery. This 400 year old temple  attracts many pilgrims and is  situated in serene surroundings.
How to reach: Nearest railway station is Madagaon (26 Kms) and the airport Dabolim which is about 35 kms.
Good hotels are available in Panaji, Vasco, Madgaon and Ponda.
Each temple also has accommodation facilities, however this is generally made available for the people of the Saraswath community.

SG of Shoot the Breeze presented me with a Cherry on top award and I am grateful to him for the same.As per the rules of the award I have to say 3 good things about me. so here it goes. 1.  I am very affectionate. 2. I am kind. 3. Very sincere.
Now I  would present this award to Tastemaster and MadrasmanGlobal Madrasi and Epic Fail

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mahalasa Narayani temple- Goa

There are many kuladevata temples in Goa, set up by Saraswats who originally lived on the banks of river Saraswathi. Kuldevatas are family deities or deities belonging to each Gotra, among the same community . During the Portuguese rule many Saraswaths migrated from Goa. They were worshippers of Siva and Sakthi. When they fled they carried their family deities with them and set them up wherever they established their settlements but the main temples remained in Goa itself. Many travelled down South and were confused regarding the worship and rituals. The great Guru Madhwacharya guided them well and they started worshipping Vishnu and later the temples in Goa were forgotten or neglected.
But now they visit these kuldevata temples to seek the blessings of the deities which were worshipped for ages by their ancestors. This is a small introduction about the kuldevata temples.
I do not know the legend surrounding each temple. I enjoyed the beauty and architecture of each temple which was unique and cleanliness in each temple was beyond comparison. A common thing I found was, these temple do a have a huge structure - a deepa sthambha of a different kind compared to the ones we see in South Indian temples. They appear more like minarets which are illuminated in the evenings, a sight to behold. Each temple also has sparkling and dazzling chandeliers which give brilliant glow all round.The well lit temples, cleanliness and purity certainly refreshes and brings peace to mind.
The first temple I visited
Mahahlasa Narayani temple- This temple is in Mardol, Goa and the temple looked grand with beautifully carved wooden pillars with intricate patterns and silver doors. There is another shrine devoted to Lakshmi Narayana here and devotees offer worship to this deity first before entering the main temple of Mahalasanarayani. This goddess is the reincarnation of Vishnu and is feared by the devotees and people used to take oath here under the 'Justice bell'. Justice dispensed by taking oath under this bell was even recognised by Portuguese courts.
How to reach: Nearest railway station is Madagaon and the airport Dabolim which is about 35 kms.
Good hotels are available in Panaji, Vasco, Madgaon and Ponda.
Each temple also has accommodation facilities, however this is generally made available for the people of the Saraswath community.

Here are the pictures

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pilgrimage along Konkan Coast

Here's  a glimpse of my wonderful, exciting, fabulous and  spiritual journey I took  recently along the konkan coast- to places like  Goa, karvar ,Mangalore with my family . We had loads of fun enjoying the natural picturesque beaches of Goa, boat rides and of course the  favourite 'my pilgrimage'.

First phase of my trip was in Goa and I was excited because this is the place our ancestors belonged to . They migrated down South about 400 years ago, fearing conversions from Portuguese and have been living there since. It was quite exciting to see the place where I could speak my Mother tongue, Konkani  as most of the people  were quite familiar with the same and I felt quite at home. My heart yearned to be there but  I had to come down to earth. I would take you through the enchanting experience of mine in  my future posts.So keep watching and enjoy the same  sitting in the cool comforts of your home.

My friends, I will be visiting all of you very soon,. See you.

Here's a jhalak....(glimpse) of the places I visited and I am going start with Amcha Goa ( My Goa) . .......:-)