Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nageshwara Jyotirlinga temple. Darukavanam,Dwarka, Gujarat

We relate Dwarka  to Lord Krishna but it is also abode of Lord Shiva. Shiva's temple here is one among the 12 Jyothirlingas listed in Shivpurana.

After worshipping  Somnath at Veraval we were fortunate enough to visit yet another Jyothirlinga the very next day at Dwarka.  Situated in a scenic, serene spot: this temple is known as Nageshwara Jyothirlinga . It's about 17 Kms  from Dwarka on the way to Beyt Dwarka.

An imposing idol of Shiva, 25 feet high  greets us when we reach the temple.

This deity here is a swambhu. The Lingam in the temple is seen in a niche in floor of the sanctum. I also found it was covered with a glass dome. What is visible is a glass dome with a Lingam inside.The hood of the Naga is seen above the Lingam. The Nageshwara manifested here after protecting his devotee from the clutches of a demon. Just outside the temple there is a shrine for Shanishwara under the Peepul tree.

Jamnagar is the nearest airport.
Do add this to your itinerary when you plan to visit Dwarka.

This temple is  between Dwarka and Beyt dwarka.
Temple timings- Temple remains open through out the day.
Timings 5 am-9 pm
Here cows and pigeons move freely among the devotees. They do not disturb anyone.They also feel safe under the Lord's gaze.

Many autos ply from the city of Dwarka at reasonable fee. They offer packages of all important temples like Beyt Dwarka, Gopi Talav, Nageshwara temple and Dwarkadeesh temple and a visit to beach to watch the Sun set. The beach is beautiful and I have captured some pictures of same. Check this link for the same,

Monday, November 14, 2016

Ambaji Temple, Ambaji, Banskantha district Gujarat

Ambaji temple in situated near the Aravalli mountain range and this is one of the most powerful Sakthipeeta of Goddess Sakthi. It is believed that the heart of Sati Devi fell here making this a punya bhoomi. Millions visit this temple through out the year.

There is no idol here instead there is Sri Yantra worshipped as Mother Goddess.
The temple is very well maintained. 
Men and women here have separate queues to worship Mother Goddess,
No photography is allowed inside the temple. One has to leave those at the lockers outside.

The temple spire shines with golden polish  and the domes are of  white marble  decorated with golden spikes   This adds to the beauty of the structure. There is a huge statue of lion  with Ma Sakthi at the entrance of the temple. The doors of this temple are covered with silver and whole structure is made of marble.
There is yet another temple of Ambaji on the Gabbar hill nearby.This is supposed to be the main seat of Ma Sakhti and later only the temple below the mountain range came into existence.Here also there is no idol instead a big Holy lamp glows continuously  throughout day and night.

Lord Krishna's  Mundan ceremony took place here at Gabbar Hill shrine.

The Mother Goddess here waits to bestow her grace and to grant the wishes of her devotees, after all only a Maa understands her children.

There are about 1000 steps if one wants to ascend the hill by foot. Cables cars are operated by the temple administration  to help pilgrims to reach temple in a few minutes. It just takes 3 minutes to reach the temple atop the hill.There was absolutely no crowd on the day we visited. Hence we  were fortunate enough to worship Mother without any problems.
Photography allowed here.

Nearest airport is Ahmadabad and this temple can be reached within 2 1/2 hrs from Ahmedabad by road. Distance is about 135 Kilometers.
Mount Abu a popular hill station is situated at a distance of 45 Kilometers.
Temple timings
7-11.30 Am 
12.30-4.30 pm
6.30 -9 pm

                                              Arasuri Ambaji temple Ambaji

                                                          Ambaji temple at Gabbar Hill

                                                           View from Gabbar Hill

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Narasingham Yoga Narasimhar temple,Yanamalai Near Madurai

Madurai city fascinates me a lot. It is well planned city as the whole town is created around the Madurai Meenakhi temple, the streets are designed like the petals of a lotus. Keep moving through the streets and one would see how lively each street is.There is a saying that this city never sleeps.

The temple city and surroundings have umpteen number temples which I have visited and posted here   during my sojourns to this favourite city of mine. 

Last visit to this temple city, included a visit to an  8th century ( 770 AD) temple of  Yoga Narasimhar , Yaanamalai at Narasigham village.  This is  famous landmark which lies on the outskirts of Madurai. Yanamalai is a huge rock which resembles a huge sleeping elephant ( yaanai in Tamil means elephant) . 

This temple  of Narasimhar is carved out of rock and the monolithic idol of Lord Narasimhar is found in the inner most part of the cave . The idol of Lord shines as it is adorned in silver kavacham and silk. The aura surrounding the deity envelopes one as we near the sanctum. It is an overwhelming experience. The Lord here is sitting here as Santhaswaroopi as he is giving darshan as Yoga Narasimhar.

The utsava moorthy of this temple is unique as  the deity is in a standing posture with Sudarshana Chakra and the conch in his upper hands and with mace and abhayamudra in lower two hands.
Spend a little time with  folded hands and  receive blessings of the Lord here.

The thayar here is Narasingha valli and her shrine is just near the entrance of the temple. 
The  temple has beautiful tower and there is also a big lotus pond  outside the temple, a temple worth visiting to  experience the bliss which will touch one and all who believes in Him.
The temple is built by Pandyas and is situated on the Madurai- Melur road at about 8 Kms from Maduri city.

How to reach- Madurai is well connected by rail, road and air. Bus , auto rickshaws as well as cabs ply to this temple.
Excellent accommodation facilities are available in city of Madurai.
you may get in touch with me for any queries at manchitra.yahoo.co.in

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Virali Malai, Shanmughanathan Devasthanam, Tamilnadu

Lord Muruga, has a fancy to make rocks and hills as his abode  and Virali Malai near Trichy is no different. One can get a glimpse of the this rock temple as one travels on Madurai - Trichy route. The temple on the hill has about 200 plus steps and there are small shelters to take rest if one finds the climb a bit tedious.
There is greenery around the rock as there are many trees and it a haven for the peacocks.
There are small caves where Yogis have performed penance. The view from above the hill is breath taking,

 The Lord here is Arumughan , six faced God with 12 hands. Dressed in yellow  silks and turban the image was resplendent in the glow of oil lamps. The crowd-less day made it easy for us  to worship peacefully. Cigars are made as  an offering to the Lord here.
Saint Arunagirinathar came to Viralimalai on instructions of Lord here.

Taipoosam, Panguni Uthram, Kanda Sashti are some of the  festivals celebrated here.

Temple timings- 6 am to 11 Am
5 pm -8 pm.
Phone numbers 4322-221084
Address - Shri Shanmugha Natha Swamy temple,  manapparai Road,Virali malai, Tamilnadu-621316
This temple can be reached from Madurai or Trichy.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kampaeshwarar temple, Tirubhuvanam, Kumbakonam district Tamil Nadu

This time, I am taking you to yet another temple of Lord Shiva in Tirubhuvanam which is just 5 Kms from the town of Kumbhakonam and Lord Shiva here is known as Kampaeshwarar .This temple is situated on  Kumbakobnam - Mayiladuthurai road.

Kampaeshwarar temple in Tirubhuvanam is very ancient temple and is really an architectural marvel.  The Lord here acquires the name of Kampaeshwarar as he cured the Kampha meaning shivering or quaking of  a king who was haunted by a Brahmarakshasa ( a fierce demon).

The Lingam here is considered to be a Swayambhu. ( self manifestation). Lord's consort has a separate sannidhi known as Dharma Samvardhini.

Yet another important shrine  here is of Lord Sarabeshwarar; a reincarnation of Lord Shiva . This  idol here is a mix of lion, eagle and human form. Lord Shiva took this ferocious form to subdue the aggression of Lord Narasimha who did not cool down even after slaying  Hiranyakasipu.

Here, it is believed that Lord Sarabeshwara has the collective power of Lord Shiva, Mahavishnu, Ma Durga and Prathyangara Devi and a worship here bestows blessings of all the  powerful deities.

Many visit the temple to pray to Lord Sarabeshwara to get relief from various ailments, worries, and all adverse situations from planets. 

Tirubhuvanam silk is also very famous worldwide. One would find lot of shops in  and around the temple. 

The interior of the temple resembles the Big temple of Tanjore.

Temple timings: Morning Am -11 A m
Evening 5 Pm -8 Pm
Phone no 0435-2460 760
Kumbakonam is the nearest rail station. One can travel to this temple by cab or by bus or an autorickshaw.

Picture quality is poor as it was shot in the evening. Will share better pictures may be on my next visit :) Check the link for a collection of images ( courtesy- Tamilnadu tourism)