Monday, November 14, 2016

Ambaji Temple, Ambaji, Banskantha district Gujarat

Ambaji temple in situated near the Aravalli mountain range and this is one of the most powerful Sakthipeeta of Goddess Sakthi. It is believed that the heart of Sati Devi fell here making this a punya bhoomi. Millions visit this temple through out the year.

There is no idol here instead there is Sri Yantra worshipped as Mother Goddess.
The temple is very well maintained. 
Men and women here have separate queues to worship Mother Goddess,
No photography is allowed inside the temple. One has to leave those at the lockers outside.

The temple spire shines with golden polish  and the domes are of  white marble  decorated with golden spikes   This adds to the beauty of the structure. There is a huge statue of lion  with Ma Sakthi at the entrance of the temple. The doors of this temple are covered with silver and whole structure is made of marble.
There is yet another temple of Ambaji on the Gabbar hill nearby.This is supposed to be the main seat of Ma Sakhti and later only the temple below the mountain range came into existence.Here also there is no idol instead a big Holy lamp glows continuously  throughout day and night.

Lord Krishna's  Mundan ceremony took place here at Gabbar Hill shrine.

The Mother Goddess here waits to bestow her grace and to grant the wishes of her devotees, after all only a Maa understands her children.

There are about 1000 steps if one wants to ascend the hill by foot. Cables cars are operated by the temple administration  to help pilgrims to reach temple in a few minutes. It just takes 3 minutes to reach the temple atop the hill.There was absolutely no crowd on the day we visited. Hence we  were fortunate enough to worship Mother without any problems.
Photography allowed here.

Nearest airport is Ahmadabad and this temple can be reached within 2 1/2 hrs from Ahmedabad by road. Distance is about 135 Kilometers.
Mount Abu a popular hill station is situated at a distance of 45 Kilometers.
Temple timings
7-11.30 Am 
12.30-4.30 pm
6.30 -9 pm

                                              Arasuri Ambaji temple Ambaji

                                                          Ambaji temple at Gabbar Hill

                                                           View from Gabbar Hill


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Wonderful pictures and description. Plan for Rajasthan trip is getting finalised, hoping it to materialise soon.

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Hi Dhiru, happy to hear about your plan. I am sure you people will enjoy very well. There is lot of opportunities for for adventure and you can explore more .

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