Monday, July 20, 2015

Sarnath- Buddhist Temple , Varanasi

I have visited many temples but the one at Sarnath was entirely a different experience as this is the divine place where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon to his disciples after his enlightenment. It is one of the four Pilgrimage destinations for Buddha's sacred institutions , the other 3 being Lumbini,    ( city of Birth), Bodh Gaya , where he attained enlightenment and Kushinagar, where He attained samadhi. Buddha after attaining enlightenment he visited Saranath to find  five  companions and taught them and enlightened them here which is referred to as the Wheel of Law known in Pali as Dhamma Chalkka Pavattana Sutta. 

Buddhas teachings centered around meaning of life and right way to live. All of the ancient structures in Sarnath were destroyed by Turks and later it was excavated and restored. The most impressive the imposing Dhamek Stupa that stands at a height of 128 feet and dates back to 200 Bc where Buddha has believed to have given his first sermon. I could not visit all the spots at Sarnath but it was indeed a great experience.
 Check pictures of whatever I could capture.


Thirumayam Siva temple- Pudukottai district

Thirumayam Shiva temple is a rock cut temple at the base of the Thirumayam fort. This is next to Thirumayam Perumal temple which I have posted earlier.
The Siva temple is older than the Perumal temple and one would find the Lord inside the cave  known here as Satyagirishwar.
The Perumal temple and Siva  temple were constructed by Pallavas  to foster harmony among shaivites and Vaishnavites.This temple was carved out of rock and is very much evident in the pictures shown.
Amman here is known as Venuvanaswari
There are also shrines for Ganesha  and Bhairavar.There is no circumambulation path for Shiva temple and  it is common one for Siva and Perumal temple put together.
These temples are supposed to be more than 1000 years old .
These temples are protected and controlled by Archaeological Survey of India.