Friday, May 8, 2015

Kari Krishna temple- Ponneri, Chennai

There is an ancient temple in Ponneri near the reservoir which was  built by Karikala Chola I hence the Lord here is known as Kari krishna.

Presently this temple is undergoing renovation work.
The idol of Krishna here is a Swaymbhu .This idol is rooted to the floor tilted to one side. There is no Pedestal( Peetam) for the idol here. Krishna here is holding a whip in his hand like a shepherd. The idol is decorated well similar to Lord Balaji of Tirupati.

There is a huge ant hill outside the temple and it  is believed that the idol of Krishna was found below the ant hill. Devotees light lamps here and pray. There are small sub shrines outside the main temple   for Thayar, Ramar , Andal ad Anjaneya.

Childless couples pray here and it is believed that Krishna here grants their wishes.
Ponneri is just 35 Kilometers from Chennai.
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