Monday, March 23, 2015

Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple- Sriranga patnam,Karnataka

Ranganatha Swamy temple , Srirangapatnam is in Mandya district of Karnataka and is situated  15 Kms. from the town of  Mysore .

This  ancient temple is  one among the 108 divyadesams of Lord   Vishnu. This is also first among the pancha Ranga kshetras situated on the banks of river Kavery and is  known as Adhi Ranga, The other 4  being Ranganatha Swamy temple , Srirangam, Tamil nadu, Appakudathan temple at Tiruupernagar,( Koviladi),Sarangapani temple at Kumbakonam, and Parimala RanganathaPerumal temple , Indalur near Sirkazhi, Other than Sriranga patna all others are in tamil nadu.

This temple also resembles  Tamilnadu temple with its multi tiered Gopurams, intricate craftsmanship on monolitihic pillars. Lord Ranganatha in this temple is in a reclining position on his Aadisesha . This temple is of historic , cultural importance.

Also, Kaveri River forms three small sacred islands in its river stretch in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu at Adi Ranga, at Sriranga Patna, Madhya Ranga at Shiva samudram and Antya Ranga at Srirangam where Ranganatha temple is located.
Links here for Pancha Ranga kshetram which I have covered under My Pilgrimage:
 Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple Srirangapatna
There are some more Ranganatha temples in South India and some of them are Srivilliputtur,
Sri Padma natha temple,  Trivandrum,
Thiru Anbil 

Temple timings- 7.30 Am-1. pm 
2.PM to 9 Pm

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sree Subramanya Swamy temple- Haripad , Allapuzha district,Kerala

 This is my first post on Lord Subramanya, the second son of Lord Shiva and Parvati and if one travels length and breadth of Tamil Nadu one would come across lot of temples dedicated to  Lord Subramanya also known as Muruga, Shanmugha, Vadivela, Andi  and by many more names . There are very few temples of Lord Subramanya in other States but recently I visited one in  Kerala, Haripad   situated on NH 47 and this is known as Dakshina Palani. This is one of  oldest temples in Kerala.
The temple is built in the ancient Kerala architecture and has marvellous wood carvings some of that is evident from the images depicted below. This temple is maintained beautifully , the serenity and cleanliness intact in spite of thousands of devotees visiting this temple. The temple is huge and has an imposing idol of Lord and this is believed to have been worshiped by Parasurama.

Peacock is Lord's mount and there are a couple of peacocks in temple which is a big attraction for  young old alike. This temple is about 1 1/2 hrs. from the Allapuza town.

Temple contact
Ph: 04792410690