Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Golok Dham Teerth ,Somanth- Veraval , Gujarat.

Somnath, Prabhas Patan has many temples and every grain of sand here is divine. One can spend a day or two going around the temples.Though Somnath is famous for Adhi Ling Somnatheshwar temple , this place is also very much related Lord Krishna as He started Neej Dham Yatra from here .

 Golokdham Teerth is sacred place where Krishna left behind His mortal remains and left for Vaikunta.  

This  Theerth also known as Dehotsarg Theerth, It is believed that after Krishna was hit by an arrow at Balka Teerth, He  walked here for about a distance of 4 Kms.  Here,  one can see a cluster of temples neatly  lined on the banks of Triveni Sangam at the confluence of rivers mystical Saraswathi, Hiran and Kabila. The place is calm and serene and is surrounded  by trees and greenery. Devotees can  worship here  in peace and quiet as this place does not attract much crowd like Somnath temple.

The temple has many small shrines Gita mandir, Lakshmi Narayam Mandir, Krishna Charan padukaji,( Krishna's foot prints.) Golak ghat, Kasi Viswanath Mandir, Mahaprabhuji Betakji, Bheemnath mandir and Baldev ki Gufa.

The Gita mandir was built by Birlas and here in this  temple Krishna is the main deity.The pillars of this temple is engraved  with all the slokas of Bhagawad Gita.

In Brief- This is the sacred place where Krishna avatara came to an end.

Please got through the pictures I captured.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Somnath Temple - Veraval, Gujarat.

On the Occasion  of Maha Shivarathri, here's a post on Lord Shiva.

Just back from a Pilgrimage and it was a time well spent soul searching, refreshing the mind and body, understanding the significance of various  pilgrimage places and how it relates to us. It  is decided by the Almighty that we must be present in such and such places at such and such times and here I was at Somnath . He commanded, I just obeyed. Usually temple Somnath remains crowded but the  Lord made sure it wouldn't be so and we could be in the temple as long as we could wish for. 
I would say these experiences in life help one to  grow and evolve into better human beings.

Somnath is a small town, its  name derived from the presiding deity of the temple. This is also  known as Adi Linga , the first among the 12 Jyothirlingas. 

The temple stands tall , grandeur incomparable  on the shore of the Arabian sea at  Prabhas Patan near Veraval , Gujarat. This temple has excellent marble work and ornamentation on walls, ceilings and spires.

The Lingam of Somanth is quite huge, radiant and is  decorated well with brightly coloured flowers  resplendent with shimmering  silk . Head bows , hands fold in prayer and mind focuses on Lord in sanctum without our knowledge. Such is power of the deity. The sanctum of Shiva is brightly lit, it adds to the ambience . Behind the Lingam is Goddess Parvati and on either  sides Lord Kartikeya and Ganesha. 
There are also niches with Gods and Goddesses just outside the sanctum.

Evening Aarti is an important and colourful ritual and should not be missed at any cost. It will also let one surf on a great spiritual journey as the atmosphere inside is charged with divine music and cling and clang of bells. External world totally forgotten and one feels the bliss. Great experience.

Outside the temple, the  parambulatory path extends up to the sea and is built like a terrace.  There's an arrow on a pillar known as Baan Stambh  which points to South pole indicating there is no land area between these two .  Interesting right? Note these when you visit.More here and here

There is  also a smaller temple just outside the Main temple known as Old Somanth . Here one can worship the Lingam directly by bathing the deity with milk, water, or just flowers all of which is available just outside the temple.
It is also believed that Krishna worshipped Lord Shiva here before embarking on His Last journey of Neej Dham Yatra.
The last picture is from Balka Teerth , the place where Krishna was hit by a arrow when he was resting under a tree.

 Important things to remember during the visit

No electronic gadgets and devices are allowed inside the temple, Leather belts are also a taboo here. 
 Free and safe locker facilities are available here.  Security screening is done at a couple of points as it is mandatory before one enters the temple.