Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guru Temple- Kuruvithurai, Sholavandan

Guru temple and Perumal temple in Kuruvithurai near Sholavandan is very ancient and famous. From Sholavandan town it is only 8 Kms. The road to the temple is through small villages and we could see banana plantations on either side of the road. We could really enjoy the greenery of the pristine surroundings.

The temple here is dedicated to Guru Bhagavan and along with him is the deity Chakrathazhvar. Opposite to this small temple is the Chithra Ratha Vallabhar Koil and the deity here is Chithra Ratha Vallabhar as Perumal came riding on a decorated ratham in the Tamil month of Chithirai to grant the wishes of the Guru Bhagavan who meditated sitting on the banks of river Vaigai.

First we rushed to the Perumal temple as we feared the temple would get closed as it was nearing noon. Luckily for us the temple was open and the priest told us that the temple remains open till 12.30 pm. The main idol of Perumal in the sanctum sanctorum is sculpted in granite. On either side are Bhooma Devi and Sree Devi but I could see only their crowns as they were in a sitting position. A red cloth was tied across the main idol and only the chest of Perumal and above was visible. Outside the sanctum sanctorum small panchaloha idols were kept and the priest was performing archana for those. Opposite to the main deity is the Garudalwar sannidhi and on the south side facing east is the shrine of Lord's consort Shanmughavalli Thayar.

The legend is that the Guru bhagavan performed his penance on the banks of Vegavathi ( Vaigai) to redeem his son from dosham and Perumal appeared to him in this place and granted him the boon. Guru requested him to stay in this place to fulfill the wishes of all devotees . The priest informed me to pray fervently to God if I had any wish to be granted.

Outside this temple is the seat of Guru. Here we could see Chakrathazhwar, both are swayambhus. Chakrathazhwar was guarding Guru when he performed the penance and they are on the floor of the temple. Two idols are on top of this which were adorned with kavachams. Here also the priest was asking the devotees to make their wishes to Guru as he would help to fulfill them by requesting to Perumal. This temple gets thronged with pilgrims during Gurupeyarchi ( transit of Jupiter).

How to reach : The nearest airport and railway station is Madurai and this place is about 26 Kms. from Madurai. Regular transportation is available from the town.

Accomodation : All types of accommodation budget and luxury hotels are available n Madurai town.


Felicity Grace Terry said...

As always, thank you very much for this wonderful post - you are certainly keeping me very busy, looking up all these wonderful things for even more information.

chitra said...

Thanks petty witter
Good to know that my posts are interesting and keeping you engaged.I am equally happy when I receive comments on them.

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Thanks Rajkumar. I also enjoyed the trip to Kuruvithurai, I also visited Edaganatheswar temple.

Aji Gunasekar said...

hallo mr.Raj kumar Can i know actually where are you from ? Because am also from Kuruvithurai !!

srini said...

The worst temple when visited during guru paerchi. Couldn't see the god even when I got ticket for 100 rupees. No responsibility.

Dr. kalai said...

I planned to go to kuruvithurai for guru parikaram. Pls tel abt temple timings
Dr. Kalai