Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kampaeshwarar temple, Tirubhuvanam, Kumbakonam district Tamil Nadu

This time, I am taking you to yet another temple of Lord Shiva in Tirubhuvanam which is just 5 Kms from the town of Kumbhakonam and Lord Shiva here is known as Kampaeshwarar .This temple is situated on  Kumbakobnam - Mayiladuthurai road.

Kampaeshwarar temple in Tirubhuvanam is very ancient temple and is really an architectural marvel.  The Lord here acquires the name of Kampaeshwarar as he cured the Kampha meaning shivering or quaking of  a king who was haunted by a Brahmarakshasa ( a fierce demon).

The Lingam here is considered to be a Swayambhu. ( self manifestation). Lord's consort has a separate sannidhi known as Dharma Samvardhini.

Yet another important shrine  here is of Lord Sarabeshwarar; a reincarnation of Lord Shiva . This  idol here is a mix of lion, eagle and human form. Lord Shiva took this ferocious form to subdue the aggression of Lord Narasimha who did not cool down even after slaying  Hiranyakasipu.

Here, it is believed that Lord Sarabeshwara has the collective power of Lord Shiva, Mahavishnu, Ma Durga and Prathyangara Devi and a worship here bestows blessings of all the  powerful deities.

Many visit the temple to pray to Lord Sarabeshwara to get relief from various ailments, worries, and all adverse situations from planets. 

Tirubhuvanam silk is also very famous worldwide. One would find lot of shops in  and around the temple. 

The interior of the temple resembles the Big temple of Tanjore.

Temple timings: Morning Am -11 A m
Evening 5 Pm -8 Pm
Phone no 0435-2460 760
Kumbakonam is the nearest rail station. One can travel to this temple by cab or by bus or an autorickshaw.

Picture quality is poor as it was shot in the evening. Will share better pictures may be on my next visit :) Check the link for a collection of images ( courtesy- Tamilnadu tourism)


Insignia said...

Kumbhakonam is famous for its temples and silks; but unfortunately not been there yet. One more beautiful journal of a temple with pictures. Thank you Chitra ma'am

chitra said...

Happy to see your comment. Its like meeting an old friend thanks:)

KParthasarathi said...

Thank you Chitra for writing about this temple I was not aware of being so close to Kumbakonam.The pictures are good.

Arti said...

Lovely pictures and post as always :) I have not been there yet but would love to go there someday.