Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nageshwara Jyotirlinga temple. Darukavanam,Dwarka, Gujarat

We relate Dwarka  to Lord Krishna but it is also abode of Lord Shiva. Shiva's temple here is one among the 12 Jyothirlingas listed in Shivpurana.

After worshipping  Somnath at Veraval we were fortunate enough to visit yet another Jyothirlinga the very next day at Dwarka.  Situated in a scenic, serene spot: this temple is known as Nageshwara Jyothirlinga . It's about 17 Kms  from Dwarka on the way to Beyt Dwarka.

An imposing idol of Shiva, 25 feet high  greets us when we reach the temple.

This deity here is a swambhu. The Lingam in the temple is seen in a niche in floor of the sanctum. I also found it was covered with a glass dome. What is visible is a glass dome with a Lingam inside.The hood of the Naga is seen above the Lingam. The Nageshwara manifested here after protecting his devotee from the clutches of a demon. Just outside the temple there is a shrine for Shanishwara under the Peepul tree.

Jamnagar is the nearest airport.
Do add this to your itinerary when you plan to visit Dwarka.

This temple is  between Dwarka and Beyt dwarka.
Temple timings- Temple remains open through out the day.
Timings 5 am-9 pm
Here cows and pigeons move freely among the devotees. They do not disturb anyone.They also feel safe under the Lord's gaze.

Many autos ply from the city of Dwarka at reasonable fee. They offer packages of all important temples like Beyt Dwarka, Gopi Talav, Nageshwara temple and Dwarkadeesh temple and a visit to beach to watch the Sun set. The beach is beautiful and I have captured some pictures of same. Check this link for the same,

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