Friday, January 8, 2016

Samayapuram Mariyamman temple- Trichy, Tamilnadu

Samaypuram  temple is the  abode of Goddess Sakthi known here as Samayapuram Mariamman and the temple is situated on Trichy -Chennai National Highway about 15 Kms from  Trichy town in a serene village.

The idol of Amman here is huge and is made of clay and there is no Abhishekam for the Amman.
The only abhishekam performed here is with flowers during festival and is known as 'Poochoridhal'

The temple is always thronged  with devotees  seeking Her blessings and it is believed that the Goddess has the power to cure various ailments . It is a belief that if one offers the metallic replicas made of silver of the various body parts to the Goddess they will get quick relief. After all, belief itself gives the mind and the body the power to fight any adversity.

Temple offerings and contributions received in this temple are huge and this is  one of the largest revenue earning temples of the State. Thali ( the Mangalsutra) is the major offering made by women folk here.

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I was fortunate enough to visit the temple a couple of times.

Temple phone no.
0431 267 0460


FranE said...

Beautiful. I learned something new.

chitra said...

Thank you Frances.