Saturday, January 30, 2016

Srikanteswara temple - Nanjangud, Mysore -Karnataka

Lord Shiva drank poison to save the universe which emanated during the churning of the ocean (click for more details) by the demons and Devas for Ambrosia. Goddess Parvati held on to Shiva's throat as it would harm Him. The poison dried in His throat and Shiva came to be known as Neelakanta; One with the  blue throat.

There is a temple dedicated to Him in Nanjangud 23 Kms from Mysore city on the banks of river Kabila.This temple is very ancient and one of the famous pilgrimage centres in Karnataka.  Lord Shiva, here is known as Njanjundeshwara , one who drank poison. He is also called as Srikanteswara.

 ( Sri meaning Posion and Kanta meaning throat in Sanskrit). The God here is believed to be a healer and many worship God here for getting relief from various ailments.Read here for more details.

The temple tower stands tall and high and has exquisite  ornamental work. The temple exterior walls reflect excellent workmanship. The walls lining the temple has sculptures of various Gods of Hindu mythology  and are cut out to perfection.

Like any Shiva temple , this temple also has other shrines for Parvathy,Ganesha, Subramanya, Saradamba, Dakshina Moorthy,  and a small shrine for Satyanarayana.

The Nandi of the temple is quite magnificent and is carved out of a single rock. There is also a Vilva tree within the temple premises.

This temple is visited by thousands of pilgrims and it would be good if the authorities can maintain and keep the temple premises clean.

Nanjangud temple Timings
Morning 6 am - 1 Pm
Evening 4 Pm -8.30 Pm
Temple is open from Morning 6 Am to Evening 8.3 Am on special days, Mondays and Sundays.
Here are a few images I could gather. 


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