Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Srisailam Mallikarjuna Swamy temple Kurnool district -Andhra Pradesh, Jyothirlingam

A pilgrimage to this temple of Lord Mallikarjuna  at Srisailam hill is considered to be  equal to a trip to holy Kailash.This temple is set in Nallamalai forests in picturesque surroundings with river Krishna flowing near by.

The temple complex is  unique as it houses  Jyothirlinga  as well as  a Shakthipeeta. Here in this temple ,devotees can offer pujas directly to Lord Mallikarjuna but advance booking is required and one has to follow specific dress code (wearing Veshti and Angavastra) to enter the sanctum sanctorum. The Vimana of the temple is covered with gold plates and is in the shape of a pyramid. The Lord's consort Braharambha is one of the 18 Mahasakthis and it is believed that neck portion of Sathi Devi fell here after things that followed  Daksha yagna . There are many shrines around the temple complex  for Ganesha, Ardhanareeshwara, Kalabhairava, Veerabhadra . There's also a beautiful Nandimandapa here.

Barely 3 Kms away from the temple is the shrine of Sakshi Ganapati. Pilgrims do not miss paying obeisance to this Ganesha and it is believed Lord here keeps an account of pilgrims visiting Srisailam temple . The idol here holds a book in left hand and a pen in the right.

The roads here are excellent and it passes through Tiger Reserve. the roads remains closed from 9 Pm to 6 Am. Those travelling to temple must make a note of the same.
A detailed description can  be found in the link provided.
Mobile/ cameras are not allowed in this temple and there  are locker facilities to store the same.

a few pictures from  Sakshi Ganapati are shared below.
check this link too for temple gallery pictures


                                                                     Srisailam town
                                                                           Sakshi Ganapati