Monday, May 9, 2016

Gopi Talav - Dwarka, Gujarat

The name of Lord Krishna resonates everywhere in Dwarka. Here  everything is related to Krishna's life. The people here take pride in saying Krishna lived in their land.

20 Kms North West of Dwarka there is a Holy place called Gopi Talav. This village as you see in the photos is very  colourful , lively and each house here is a Mandir related to Krishna's life.

The soil in this place is smooth and yellow and is known as Gopi chandan; used by devotees of Krishna to make Tilak .

There is a sacred tank here with a well in the center and the Gopi chandan is extracted from it. One would find small shops selling Gopi chandan in this village. 

It is very interesting to see how fondly the villagers live in the memories of Krishna and His Gopis. It is believed that Gopis met  Krishna here and merged with Him in this place.

Certainly a place not to be missed. It is on the way to Beyt Dwarka.


nityaajith rajagopal said...

Thnks for sharing the info Chitraaki

sm said...

beautiful photos