Sunday, April 17, 2016

Beyt Dwarka and Rukmini Mandir, Gujarath

Beyt Dwarka is an island believed to be the original abode  Lord Krishna.
The idol here was worshipped by Rukmani and the temple was established by Sri Vallabhacharya.
This is the place where Krishna met ( Bett) his friend Sudhama and hence came to be  known as Beyt Dwarka.

 One has to take a ferry  from Okha Port Jetty to reach Beyt Dwarka.
Okha port is at a distance of 32 Kms from the main Dwarka city .
The boat ride takes about 20-30 minutes . The enchanting view of the deep blue sea ,picturesque surroundings and company of sea gulls which fly above the boat makes the ride mesmerising.

The temple is situated at a distance 1.5 -2 Kilometers  from the jetty.Main deity is Krishna and there is also a shrine for Krishna and Rukmani.

No electronic gadgets are allowed and there is total ban on using cameras.

Matterns of concern-
No safety  measures are in place for the boat ride. No one to regulate the crowd.
The boat carried 150-200 people and not even a single life jacket in the boat.
Though I enjoyed the ride ,I shudder to think what would happen in case of a mishap.
Authorities must take steps to make the trip a safe one for the devotees.

Rukmani Mandir is situated at a distance of  2 Kms from the Jagat mandir - Dwarkadeesh temple.
The temple dates back to 12th century and is an architectural marvel The temple has richly carvings on the  spire and walls .
 I have included pictures of the boat ride and Sea birds and that of Rukmani Mandir.

                                                                          Rukmani Mandir

Pictures below of Boat ride to Beyt Dwarka.


FranE said...

Wow it is so intricate.What material was it carved at that has weathered time so well.

chitra said...

Thank you Frances. I think the stone is granite which is tough and strong enough to chisel well

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Oh my goodness, boats and birds - two of the things sure to give me nightmares. That said, what an amazing temples, those carvings are exquisite.

chitra said...

Really Tracy, the crowd was just throwing food at the birds and while doing that they were moving here and there which is dangerous. Now just thoughts give me more nightmares.

ssbhatkochi said...

Good and informative article. Very sad to see most of status and stone carving architecture were destroyed.