Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dwarkadeesh Temple Dwarka, Jagat Mandir-Gujarat

Dwarka, Lord Krishna's abode has a magical charm. Everything here you see belongs to him. Krishna's favourite, the cows and their calves roam the city of Dwarka very freely  as it is  their master's land. They do not trouble anyone. They are very docile and they are respected. 

Lord Krishna's  Dwarakadeesh temple towers upon the city,its yellow flag fluttering atop as if beckoning His devotees .The temple is very huge and is situated upon Gomti creek known as Jagat Mandir, the universal shrine.The spire is 43 meters high and has intricate patterns and the flag flying atop is 52 yard of cloth which  is visible from as far as 10 Kms. The temple is built of soft limestone

Idol of Krishna is always decked up with fine silks and he is worshipped by devotees lovingly by singing hymns. Devotees carrying gifts, fruits and flowers for their dear Krishna visit the temple in big processions dancing to the beats of drums and singing Krishna's glory.It is really a spectacle to watch.

The evening aarti worship should not be missed at any cost , The whole atmosphere is charged as everyone starts chanting Krishna's various names . The clang of bells, beating drums, the worship offered to Lord gives one the  feeling that Lord Krishna is just amidst you.

There are timings for various darshans . During closure of the temple Krishna is put to sleep by singing lullabies and I could see many small children sitting near Him . Here Krishna lives, It is not the idol alone we see . We feel His presence and He is treated like a young child . See, feel and  blessed if you ever get a chance to visit Dwarka.

There are many other shrine dedicated to Devaki, Balram, Uddav, Pradhuymna around the main shrine.

Mobiles phones and electronic gadget strictly prohibited in the temple. There are safety lockers available where one can leave them before one enters the temple.
it is better to avoid the services of Pandas /guide who offer help to go inside the temple.

The nearest airport is Jamnagar. 
It is 471 Kms from Ahmedabad.
One can also visit , Somanth temple Veraval while making a visit to Dwarka. 


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Thanks for the nice intro of this temple.

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Excellent narration as one gets the feel of being present there.The pictures bring the scene vividly.

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beautiful cow photo relaxing on road
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