Thursday, February 4, 2010

Santa Cruz Basilica , Fort Kochi

Santa Cruz is a heritage monument and is pride of Kochi.

Santa Cruz is one of the oldest churches and one among the 8 Basilicas in India.This Basilica is about 500years (1505) old. This was first built by the Portuguese,when the Dutch arrived they destroyed all the Catholic establishments but this church along with St.Francis church ( post soon to follow) was spared by them. They used Santa Cruz church as a store house for arms and ammunition. When the British arrived this was also razed to the ground .

This was rebuilt in 1904 and was elevated to the status of a Basilica in 1984.The architechture is Indo European- Gothic style. There are three Altars here. The pulpit and the wooden panelling along with beautiful paintings of Last Supper and Jesus on the Cross are stunning. This Basilica attracts tourist from all over the world. A must see I would say to those who are visiting Kochi/India.

How to reach: Kochi is well connected by air ,rail and road.
The airport is Nedumbassery , The railway station is Ernakulam Junction
Lot of buses ply to Fort kochi from Ernakulam town, The distance from Nedumbassery would be 50 Kms. and from Ernakulam is 10 Kms.


Reflections... said...

Santa Cruz Basilica is beautiful, as are all the monuments in Fort Kochi. It has a series of oil paintings on the ceiling depicting the event of Jesus Christ's crucifiction. Right above the altar is the copy of the famous painting "Last Supper" As one walks back from the altar, one sees the paintings on the ceiling leading to the Crucifiction.

One request - please also write about the beautiful synagogue that exists in Fort Kochi if possible.

Sushma Mallya said...

Santa cruz church is so beautiful,such a pleasant and peaceful place...Nice info abt it chitra..and thanks for sharing,pics are very lovely..

chitra said...

Thanks Archana. I think you know more than me. Any way that's nice information. Kochi is my hometown.

Synagogue post is in the offing.

chitra said...


Nice to see you again and thanks for the comments.Was in Kochi recently.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Equally wonderful to the beautiful temples and shrines I normally 'visit' with you, thank you for the journey.

Krishna said...

Your photography is making that church special and thanks for sharing the info...

chitra said...

This Basilica is special to me as this is very close to my house. Thanks for the comment.

chitra said...

The church is beautiful. I think the photography could have been much better. The cut in power supply and solar eclipse affected the lighting inside the church.

FranE said...

This is so sad. I hate to hear of beliefs,or churches being destroyed by invading peoples. In my perfect world we would all live nicely side by side. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of the Basilica it picks up the intent to reconstruct the period of the structure.
Thank you for sharing.

chitra said...

Dear Hummer,
That is history, Many wonderful monuments have been destroyed by various invaders. It's really sad but This Basilica was reconstructed and even now a granite pillar remains as a reminder of the first church that was constructed here. You may see the same on the last photo graph (the small blue shrine)behind the star on the left.

Insignia said...

Stunning!! The basilica 500 years old!! I would want to visit it once in my lifetime. Thanks for sharing

chitra said...

Make a visit to kochi and you won't be disappointed.

anupama said...

Dear Chitra,
I was so busy with my work and posts.cold and cough make it inconvenient to visit other blogs and hence I am late.
Please watch Sandhya deepam in Amrita channel from 6.30-7p.m.You will enjoy and get lots of information.[watching the same now].
This post is very interesting and feels like visiting the church at the first chance.I enjoy watching the photos.I love visiting churches and kneeling down and pray.I am a convent product.we used to pray in the church and go to the class.
Even this Christmas holidays,when we visited Sr.Modesta,we went to pary in the church.the crib so jesus was so attractive.Sr.Modesta is my Amma's student and fan.she is a retired teacher.
Wishing you a lovely weekend,

chitra said...

yesterday only I posted this. So you are not late.I don't get Amrita channel:(
Are you a Teresian ?. I studied in Ekm Teresa's Sr. Modesta name is ringing a bell.

KParthasarathi said...

First visit and was attracted by the title of the blog.I would like to read your posts regularly.

chitra said...

Thanks Parthasarathi.
You are welcome. Enjoy the places of worship. Following you too.

Mridula said...

I have never been there but if I ever end up in that part I will make sure I go and see it, thanks to your post.

Sorcerer said...

its nice one. its a place worth visitin

anupama said...

Dear Chira,
Good Morning!
I am aproduct of Little Flower,Convent School and is near,Guruvayoor.
Sr.Modesta was in north India.she is in Mareena Home,the nun's convent for the aged.she is not that old,but has a back ache problem.Rev.Sr.Modesta admires and respects my Amma a lot and the love is carried over to the next generation too.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

chitra said...

Thanks for the comments. I am sure you would enjoy Kochi and surrounding towns for its beautiful grrenery, monuments, and beaches and lagoons.

@Sorci- Thanks for the comment.

Anu, Nice to know about you. I thought you are also from Teresa's as my friend's sister was a nun named sr. Modesta.

lostworld said...

Great to see the pilgrimage extending to churches also. You ought to be working for a Travel magazine really.. Your vivid descriptions are wonderful, along with all the pictures:)
This would be on my list whenever I go to Kochi!

chitra said...

lost world,
Thanks for the compliment. Comments like your's encourage me a lot.

SG said...

Santa Cruz Basilica is very beautiful. Your pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

itsyvitsy said...

Hey there,

This time I am proud to announce that I was here. :-) I was particularly attracted by the paintings in the ceiling and the tinted glass window high behind the altar. This single windows seemed to radiate a lot of brightness inside the sanctum. A place of worship, regardless of religion, always bring a sense of tranquillity to the soul.

I remember that there is one more church where Vasco Da Gama was believed to be interred and then exhumed and taken back to his motherland.

chitra said...

@ SG,Thanks for the comment
Yes, you are very right. It was a different experience . My next post will be on the other church you have mentioned.

Urmi said...

I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for your wonderful post. I did MBA from Kochi and I have been to this place several times.
You are welcome in my blogs. Now I have become your follower so I will be visiting your blog hereafter.

Traci said...

As always a beautiful place commemorated beautifully.

Thank you for stopping by and being such a lovely friend. There is an award waiting for you on my blog.


chitra said...

Welcome to my blog.
Nice to know you were in Kochi , my home town, Was it Rajagiri or SCMS. They are the popular ones there.
I shall visit yours and we will walk together henceforth encouraging each other.

chitra said...

Thanks for the comment and the award.

ARUNA said...

wow that's so beautiful, there's one similar kind basilica in mexico city!!

chitra said...

Welcome to my blog Aruna,
Nice to know from Mexico has a similar Basilica. Come often and enjoy various places in India.

Saras said...

Very good posts Chitra. Kochi is famous for the synagogue too, do write about it also. My first visit to your Blog and I loved it. God bless.

Sushma Mallya said...

Hi chitra,thanks for trying the porridge,glad u liked it too..hope u try some of my other dishes too...thanks a lot for leaving a lovely comment on my blog and for your time...take care and have a nice day

chitra said...

Welcome, shall be posting about Synagouge in the near future. Thank you for the compliment.

chitra said...

Shall be trying exotic dishes you have made . I shall visit your site for those recipes. Thanks.

SG said...

Hi Chitra,

Posted the Super Bowl musicals a day earlier. It is published now. Thanks.