Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Kalaseshwara temple , Kalasa, Chikmagloor district , karnataka.

Kalasa is a tiny serene and picturesque village situated on the banks of river Bhadra. This place is famous for its hill top temple of Kalaseshwara. A few steps up the hill leads one to this temple. The top of the hill offers a stunning view of the village below.
 The presiding deity is Shiva known as Kalaseshwara, a swayambhu emerged from the kalasa of sage Agastya. Sarvanga Sundari is Lord's consort here. The God sits in a silver mandapa in the sanctum. There is also a shrine for Kasi Viswanathar here.
It is believed that when Shiva married Parvati all the Gods and celestial beings attended the wedding. The earth started titling due to the big assembly of Gods  in one place. Lord Shiva asked  sage Agastya to proceed to  South to balance the weight of the earth. He did so but was sad as he would miss the wedding. Lord Shiva blessed him to view the celestial wedding from wherever he was. And sage did so from Kalsa.

There is also a separate shrine for Kasi Viswananthar here. One would also find a imposing  idol of Shiva at the entrance of the temple. There are also twin Ganeshas in a small shrine on the way up the hilltop.
I visited this temple on my way to Horanadu from Sringeri.

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