Saturday, June 27, 2020

Siddhi Vinayak temple, Saras Baugh, Pune, Maharashtra

Pune is a beautiful city and there are many Ganesh temples here and one such popular  temple is Saras Baugh Siddhi Vinayak  temple , a temple set on a small elevated hillock and is surrounded by lotus ponds and well maintained gardens.

 Initially , this place which is situated at the foothills of Parvati was a lake and once it got dried up  it was developed into a park and was named as Saras Baugh. The beautiful setting here helps one to relax and also  connect with divinity at the same time.

This temple was constructed by Shrimant Nanasaheb Peshwa.


Shilpa said...

Have never visited pune but very nice temple .stay safe

ashok said...

Nice Temple

chitra said...

thank you Ashok.