Friday, June 26, 2020

Kalyana Venkataramana temple- Karur, Tamilnadu

Kalyana Venkataramana temple is in Thanthoni, 5 Kilometeres from Karur on Dindigul road. This temple is situated on sacred Thantodri hill and is known as Then Tirupati . The temple can be reached by climbing 40-50 steps. The temple is simple in style and  the Lord  here is a swayambhoo moorthy and is about 10 feet tall. The idol reminded me of Lord Jagannath of Puri as the face of this Perumal is also not chiselled well . This uniqueness itself lends a charm to this Lord . He adorns Lakshmi on His chest and is in a standing posture  with head slightly bent as if readily waiting to listen to His dear devotees.

Sandals are offered to this deity  and that is known as Chemmali Samarpanam.

This temple is believed to be more than 300-years old.
Some pictures I captured a few years ago.

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