Monday, May 11, 2020

Talaichanga Nanmathiam ,Sree Nanmathiya Perumal temple- Thalachangadu, Mayiladathurai, Divya desam

The historical name of this temple is Talaichangadu Nanmathiam believed to be more than 500 years old. ( Talai sangam refers to the first congregation of Tamil poets believed to have taken place near here.)
Chandra worshipped Lord here to get relief from a curse  he had incurred and it is believed that  devotees worship Perumal  here to overcome  adverse aspects of moon.

In this temple we find the Lord in a standing position facing East  adorning a  crescent moon on his head  like Shiva and God here is known as Nanmathia Perumal  and Chandra Saabha Harar meaning one who relieved moon from the curse .

The Utsava Moorthy  is known as Vensudar and His consort is  Senkamalli Thayar. 
The vimanam above the sanctum is known as Chandra vimanam.

This temple , a divyadesam of Vishnu is  very small and Tirumangai Azhwar had extolled the virtues of Lord here by singing beautiful hymns.

This temple is situated in a perfect village setting with lush green fields and  coconut trees  in a very tranquil  atmosphere . One  gets  peace of mind here  in the  lap of divinity.
 I doubt if there are any  regular buses plying to this place. It is better to hire a cab to visit this place..

Worship here starts only at 9 am so plan accordingly .
Please check the temple timings provided below.



KParthasarathi said...

Thanks for the description of the salient features of this temple along with nice pictures.When you described the verdant fields and the coconut trees lining the place and the calm atmosphere there,I yearned for a visit to this place. Thank you

Krishna said...

Name Phone number of the priest here please

chitra said...

thank you Kp .

chitra said...

@ Krishna-Varadarajan Bhattar @ 99652 73712
this I found from another site.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. But this Varadaraja Bhattar resigned (retired). Someone from Thirunangur is taking care. Hence I requested for the new priest name and number. Again, many thanks. adiyen Krishna