Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Tirukannangudi Lokanatha Perumal, Damodara Perumal Sikkal, 108 divyadesam

Tirukannangudi is a Vishnu divyadesam situated 2 Kms from Sikkal on Tiruvarur Nagapattinam Highway.
The Moolavar here is worshipped as Lokanatha Perumal and His consort is Lokanayagi.
The processional deity is known as Damodara Perumal.
This is a Pancha Krishna  kshetram.

The legend is that Lord Krishna appeared as a small kid in front of sage Vasishta and he ran  with the  butter from the idol sage was worshipping. Sage got angry and  chased the kid. They ran and reached a holy place where some rishis were doing penance. The  rishis blocked the little boy and tied him on a tree. Krishna then gave them darshan and rishis requested him to stay there to bless all the devotees. Krishna accepted and stayed here as Damodara Perumal  and  this  place came to be known as Kannangudi.
Thirumamgai Azhwar has stayed at this place and there are some interesting events that took place during his stay here. Read it here
Other Panchakrishna kshetrams are TirukoilurKapisthalam, Tirukannapuram and Tirukannamangai

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KParthasarathi said...

Thank you for this nice post.I went through the links to know about the strange happenings to Tirumangai Alwar like the dry well,pending court case and the tamarind tree waking up the alwar by shedding its leaves.

chitra said...

Thank you Kp.