Friday, June 12, 2009

Deva Prayag and Rudra Prayag

Deva Prayag and Rudra Prayag
Then our journey to Himalayas started. Balbir was very busy as the car started huffing and puffing every few kilometers. The car’s radiator had to be cooled and we had to pour water in it. As there were natural springs this did not pose a problem. As we were going up and up the scenery became more beautiful; one side it was mountain ranges and on the other side we could see many villages on the banks of Ganges. At some places the river was flowing calmly like a stream and at some places we could see fury of the river flowing with strong currents.

We also saw forest fire and small pieces burning wood sliding down on to the road. There is also threat of landslides in this hilly terrain which was experienced by my cousin and they were stranded for a day. But luckily for us we encountered no such problem.

First we reached Deva Prayag which is situated 90 km. from Hrishikesh. Here river Alakanada meets river Bhagirathi, after the confluence it is known as Ganga. It is a holy place where Lord Rama had performed worship to God to wash away his sins after killing Ravana.

We didn’t spend much time D.Prayag as we wanted to reach Rudra Prayag before night fall. This is also a holy place, one of the Pancha Prayags. Here river Mandakini meets Alakanda. It was slightly a bigger town and we decided to stay here for the night. We had food in small hotel and they suggested us a dharamsala Kali kambli for our stay. Kali kambli had spacious rooms and attached bathrooms. Here we had a restful sleep. We also found river Mandakini (tributary of Ganges) roaring beneath our room with strong currents. It was really a beautiful sight. The next stage of our trip was to Kedarnath and we decided to start early morning the next day.

To be continued….

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