Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sree Ramaswammy temple Kumbakonam , Tamil nadu

Kumbakonam, in Tanjavur district abounds in temples, a city which mesmerises me. The town and surrounding areas have huge,ancient temples . I made my fifth visit to this city recently in the auspicious month of Purattasi a , month dedicated wholly to worshipping Lord Vishnu .

Sree Ramaswamy Tirukoil ( temple ) as it is known popularly ,is situated  right in the middle of the town. The colourful tall spire adds charm to the skyline. Its about 500 years old. 

The idols in the sanctum will take one's breath away; it is as if landing in the land of Lord Rama at Ayodhya for His Pattabhishekha. Life size statues of Rama , Seetha and Lakshmana along with His brothers Shatrughna and Bharatha ,stand tall to bless all the devotees. One would find Bhaktha Anjaneya kneeling down with folded hands. It is amazing to find so many  idols in one sanctum.
The Utsav moorthy of Rama ,Seetha and Lakshmana also dazzle and make us linger in front of the sanctum  till we are reminded it is time to move to make way for others.

Thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Here are a few pictures form what I clicked.

How to reach- Kumbakonam is very well connected by rail and road. Nearest airport is at Trichy


  1. We have been to this temple in Kumbakonam. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Thank you.This brought back memories of my visit to this great temple.The paintings on the prakaram walls are a feast to the eyes and riveting.I have a fascination for the temples in this town as I am a native of a neighbourhood village.

    1. Never knew you are from neighbouring village of Kumbakonam. You must be feeling happy to go thru this post.

  3. Dear chitra, how are you? Good to visit India again with you! A wonderfil temole!

  4. Hello Martina, Long time.So happy to see you. I was busy travelling for my work. See you


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