Monday, November 12, 2018

Triyugnarayan temple-Triyugnarayan village, Rudraprayag district

Triyugnarayan temple, nestled in a  small quaint village amidst the Himalayas  is dedicated to Lord Narayan. This temple structure resembles   Kedarnath temple and is very popular as this is believed to be the  venue of  Shiva and Parvati's marriage which took place in Satyayuga in the  presence of Lord Narayan and other Gods and Rishis. 

There is a Akhand Dhuni ( perpetual fire) which burns in front of the sanctum and it is believed that this Dhuni is burning since the divine marriage of Shiva Parvati.
Devotees worship the Gods in the sanctum  and then offer firewood in the Dhuni and this ritual has been going on since three yugas hence the temple derived its name Triyug Narayan. There is a Brahma sila in front of the temple and this is the exact place where Siva-Parvati marriage was solemnised.

There are 3 natural springs inside the temple known as Brahma Kund , Vishnu Kund and Rudra kund and devotees sprinkle holy water from this kund on their head . 

 The serenity enveloping the temple, the amber glow of Dhuni, the recitations of mantras by the priests  will help  one to easily connect with the divinity .

This temple is 5 Kms from Gaurikund, the base camp for trek to Kedarnath. 

As it is close to Gaurikund do visit and get blessed when planning a visit to Kedarnath temple.

Performance of  marriage ceremony in this temple  is considered very auspicious.

Check some pictures Captured during my recent visit.


                                                                   Annapoorna Devi


KP said...

Never knew of this holy place. Though unostentatious in appearance, it has a rich legacy and ddivine connection of the trinity of gods. Thanks

chitra said...

Thank you KP.i am happy I could visit this temple.