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Kohlapur Mahalakshmi temple. Maharashtra

Mahalakshmi temple,  located at Karveer on the banks of Panchganga river in Kohlapur  is one among the 108 Sakthipeetas of Mother Sakthi.
Goddess here is also known as Amba Bai  and her idol is made of gemstone which is facing the west. The idol with four arms carries a mace, a fruit, a shield and a bowl.
The mount of goddess ,lion is behind the idol.
The idol is resplendent is bright silks and is always adorned with dazzling  jewellery.
sandal paste is smeared on the forehead with a huge vermilion dot  in the middle.

The temple was first built in 7th century by Chalukyas and is  referred in various puranas.
There is a also a shrine for Mahakali here.
Outside the main shrine, there are many sub shrines devoted to Navgrahas, Shiva, Tuljabhavani, Nagas, Vittal and   Rukmini.
It is believed that Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi reside here eternally and will not leave the place even during mahapralaya.
The cluster of lamp posts which we see around the temple  are unique, unlike what we see in other  temples.  Here they appear  like huge cones made of rocks  with lamps extending out . Really a visual treat.

Tips for devotees
Do not use mobile or cameras inside the temple .
A few quick photographs of exterior is not banned.
Selfies are a big NO
There are no special paid darshan queues here .
more details here.

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