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Ekambareshwarar temple-Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu

Kanchipuram is about 76 Kms. from Chennai and is considered as one of the seven holy cities in India. There are about thousands of temples in this holy ancient city and I think one can easily spend about a year just going around the temples which were built by Pallavas, Cholas and kings of Vijayanagara. This place is famous for the world famous Kanchipuram silks and one would find each and every street lined with Kanchi cotton and silk shops. There used to be an old Tamil saying, "Kanchipuram sendral kalatti pizhaikalam " meaning if one wants he can go to Kanchipuraam and get his livelihood by weaving as this place is famous for handloom silk and cotton sarees.

Ekambareshwarar is the most famous Siva temple in Kanchipuram, another Padal petra sthalam where Sambandar, sundarar and Tirunavukarasar had sung hymns in praise of God. This is one of the Panchabhutha Lingas, and is considered to be the first among them as it represents the Earth. The others are Kalahasthi (Vayu), Chidambaram (Akash), Tiruvanaikal (Jal) near Trichy and Arunachaleshwar Tiruvannamalai (Agni).

The Lingam in Kanchipuram is made out of river sand and it appears like a cone at the top. It is believed that Goddess Kamakshi herself moulded the Lingam here out of river sand. Behind the Lingam are the idols of Ekambareshwar and his consort Kamakshi. This temple covers an area of 20 acres. The Rajagopuram here is 192 feet high with 11 tiers. The temple was originally built by Pallava kings but was later reconstructed by Chola and Vijayanagar kings. This temple dates back to 600 AD

The temple has many shrines around . Behind the main temple is the Mavadi sannidhi, the sacred mango tree where the Lord Siva appeared before Kamakshi, where she was performing a penance to reunite with him. Pilgrims offer their worship here and it is believed that if a childless woman takes the mango of this tree she would be blessed with a progeny.

There are also other shrines around this temple dedicated to Bhadrakali Amman, Sahasra Lingam( this Lingam looks beautiful with one thousand small Lingams carved on it). Then there is a sannidhi for El vaar kuzhali, the Utsavar of the main deity and Kamakshi. There is a Vishnu's shrine known here as Nilattingal Tundattan in the outer prakaram and is one of the 108 Divya deshams of Vishnu. It is believed that Vishnu helped Kamakshi during the penance when ever she faced obstacles.

The Nandimandapam outside has the dwajasthambam and behind this mandapam is the Maha Nandi. Each and every pillar has exquisite carvings and one can easily spend a day in this temple enjoying the temple architecture.
Temple timings: 6 a.m-12.30 p.m, 4.30 p.m- 8.30p.m

This temple is situated just 2 kms from the Kanchipuram main bus stand.

How to reach:
Kanchipuram is well connected by road from all the towns in Tamil Nadu and regular buses ply from Chennai with good frequency.


Felicity Grace Terry said...

A 1000+ Temples in one city, how spectacular. I can picture it all in my head, the streets lined with all those shops selling cotton and silk - you paint a truly wonderful picture Chitra.

As for the photos, I especially liked the one of the corridor with the shrine at the end and the one of that huge door leading to the Temple, thank you.

chitra said...

Thanks Petty Witter,
It was really a wonderful experience.Here in Kanchipuram many people directly place orders with the weavers for their wedding saris and same would be woven as per the requirement.Every body in India especially the southies like to possess this famous silk.

Susie said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!

Traci said...

What glorious pictures! I have not had the good fortune to visit India though I dream of doing so someday. Your pictures and words are so lush that I feel that I may live vicariously through your journeys. I shall be following.

Thank you for coming by my blog and your kind words. All my best from Texas. :-)

chitra said...

Traci and Susie,
thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the comments. I shall follow both of you.

Mridula said...

Hi Chitra, sorry it took me sometime to hop over your blog. You of course know a lot of temples and enjoy writing about them! I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures.

Monu Awalla said...

feww..! at last my 7th sem exms got over & now I m in 8th & its last sem to go. yaar I was not active due to my exms.
Anyways I loved all the snaps that you've taken especially that huge door; awesome height! The pics really are telling that one can spend a whole day watching this temple.
keep visiting dost.

chitra said...


I am so happy you could make it. thanks dear. Visiting temples, It is a passion!

chitra said...

I knew you would be in the midst of exams. now I can see you active. waiting for more posts from you.

Krishna said...

Great photography, Really awesome,
at least I get to know more about such wonderful places.
Thanks for writing this hub.

chitra said...

we have wonderful resource in India and if we really keep our eyes open we will realise that heaven is here.

betty-NZ said...

As always, wonderful photos and great info!

chitra said...

Thanks Betty, Visiting this temple was an enchanting experience.

Anonymous said...

I want to visit Ramanathapuram uttarakoshamangai temple please provide the contact and other information.

subhashini ajeeth said...

great job wonderful pictures|visiting temples is my passion ,u r blog gave me immence pleasure n info.

chitra said...

thanks Subhashini. Do you blog about them?

subhashini ajeeth said...

thanks for your reply,i"am excited to find a person of my wave length.going through u r blog is like a revision of all my longing experiences.wish to see some more.well i do not blog but i have a lot of info regarding tamilnadu temples.seen most of the main temples out there.

chitra said...

Yes...true..I am also very much happy to see a person sharing my same interest. It is really a God's call and gift to visit His abodes. You are a blessed one. I am, interested in knowing about the kind of info. you have . Will you please write to me at I would love to hear from you more.

dokka srinivasu said...

Chitra madam

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chitra said...

Thanks a lot Dokka Srinivasu. I have commented on your post.