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Srivilliputhur Aandal temple

Aandal temple in Sriviliputtur is  yet another famous and ancient temple and is  also one among the 108 divyadesams of Vishnu.   The imposing tower of this temple is very attractive and the main tower of the temple is on the  official emblem of  Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Aadi(Tamil month)Pooram festival is  famous here and is for 12 days. The festival  is on now and thousands of devotees converge here for the same . Pooram is the birth star of Aandal and the  chariot  festival on the 9th day attracts lot of devotees to this temple.  Aandal is believed to be an  incarnation of Goddess Bhoodevi.

There are two temples here . One for Lord Vishnu, known here as Vatapatrasayi and he is in a  reclining position here.  Vata patra means the leaf of banyan tree and this is found at the head of the deity here.  This is the sacred place where the great devotee of Vishnu, Aandal used to worship the Lord . The sanctum has beautiful paintings of Gods and Goddesses.

Aandal temple is next to the Vatapatrasayi temple. In between the temples is Nandavanam, a small shrine  where Aandal was found and adopted  by Perialwar ( devotee of Vishnu).  Aandal temple has beautiful mandapams with exquisite carvings and here She gives darshan to her devotees along with Rengamannar (Vishnu) and Garuda.  .There is  a well inside the temple where Aandal used to see her reflection everyday after wearing the garland   meant for the Lord. She succeeded in winning the affection of   the Lord . As per Lord's wish her father took her to Sri Rangam , Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple where she merged with the Lord.

Andal  is the only woman Alwar (saint) of Vaishnavism and  She has composed two beautiful literary gems in Tamil, Tirupavai and Nachiyar Tirumozhi which is sung even today by devotees during the  Tamil month of Maarghazhi.

Her father Perialvar also has a separate sannidhi in Vatapatra Sayi temple and there are also  separate shrines for Chakrathazhvar and Nammalwar.

Srivilliputhur is famous for palgova,  a milk sweet and people make it a point to buy this when they visit this place.

How to reach: Srivilliputhur is about 75 Kms from Madurai  on NH 208.
Madurai is well connected with air, rail and road. Many buses ply from all parts of Tamil Nadu to the town of Srivilliputhur.
Accommodation: Budget  hotels are available in Srivilliputtur and Rajapalayam town which is just 14kms. from here but I would suggest staying in Madurai is a better option as all types of accommodation, luxury , deluxe and budget hotels are available there.
Temples nearby :
Temple of Ninra Narayana Perumal at Tiruthangal  (on Virudhunagar- Sivakasi route)which is just 20 Kms. away.
Kasi Viswanathar Koil -Sivakasi, 25 kms.
Kuttraleeshwarar temple- 75 Kms. on NH 208
Sankaran Koil-  40 Kms


  1. As you said the main tower looks quite magnificent and imposing.

  2. I like the first picture a lot. The gopuram is so imposing. Loved the picture where pillars are seen.

  3. Thanks for the detailed description. Andar temple in Srivilliputhur is very well known. But we have not been there yet.

  4. I love your descriptions.. always read them very slowly because there are so many things that seem new to me!
    I had never heard of this devotee, Aandal before..very beautiful:)

  5. Insignia
    Photography is banned inside the temple so could not get much photos.

  6. SG
    We have stayed in Sivakasi for about 4 years and this temple is only 20 Kms.from that town so it was easy for us to visit this temple.

  7. Arti,
    Aandal temples, I have seen only in Tamil Nadu. I don't know if such temples exist in any other state.Thanks for your comment.

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  9. Nice temple,am yet to visit madhurai, seems a very beautiful place ...

  10. I am envying you for all the temples you get to visit!!!! this is one temple i have wanted to visit ever since i heard andal's story from my mom, but have not yet been able to visit!

  11. Hearing for the first time about the temple. Good narration.

  12. Sushma,
    Thank you. When you get an opportunity do visit Madurai, it would be an unforgettable experience.

  13. Anu
    When you visit Madurai next, you may plan a trip to Sri Villiputtur. It is just 1 1/2 from Madurai. I visited this temple recently when month of Aadi started.

  14. Neena
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  15. trying to recollect whether i have visited this temple..sounds familiar..god u doing friend? tc..wishes always

  16. Amazing blog post. Through your blog, I am getting to learn a lot. Beautiful pictures. How do you put a slide show of pictures in your blog? This is something that I want to learn.

  17. Ramesh
    We will find out from God:)
    See you.

  18. Kiran

    You need to upload pictures in picasa. Before that if you want to edit - Picasa documents helps you to edit photo, add light, crop, add your name etc. Then after you upload you will have to click those uploaded photos in your web album. On the right side you will see link for embed slide show. Click that , you will get HTML code and that you have to paste in your blog.It is quite easy.
    The above link may help. If you need any further help I would be happy to help you.
    Have a nice day.

  19. Wish I could accompany you on your pilgrimmages...

  20. Dear Chitra,
    Good Morning!
    Thanks a bunch for sharing the details and information.Amazing photographs.
    Each temple has a story to tell.I loved the part of Andal looking into the well water and admire the reflections.
    Continue your journey to temples.
    Have a bright and beautiful day.

  21. ?
    Happy to know you are also interested in pilgrimage.

  22. Anupama,
    Nice to see you here, inspite of your busy schedule. I had seen a movie on Aandal when I was young. But I never thought I would be seeing a temple dedicated to her.the well is called as kannadi kinar. It is really fascinating to see these things in person.
    take care . Have a nice day.

  23. Very beautifully described about Andar temple in Srivilliputhur which is very famous. Temple looks very nice and I always appreciate for your wonderful presentation as you describe very nicely with lovely pictures. I would like to learn from you about the slide shows which is eye-catching.

  24. Babli,
    Slide shows are very easy to learn. I have mentioned it above in the comment section for Kiran. It is very simple and I feel you too can use them in your recipes preparation to show various stages of preparation.

  25. hai chitraji....once again beautiful narration and photos.......

  26. Very detailed and beautiful description of the temples. I suppose the gopuram there is the tallest.

  27. Jayaraj
    Thanks for the comment.

  28. P.N. Subramaniam
    Madurai Meenakshi,West gopuram is the tallest one.

  29. Very nice picture and description

  30. Beautiful temple. Would love to see it in person some day.

  31. *********--,_
    ,--;_/*******HAPPY INDEPENDENCE*_/*****.|*,/
    \__************** DAY **********'|****_/**_/*

  32. Rajesh
    welcome and thanks for the comment.I have left a comment on your post too. :)

  33. Babli
    That is a great work. Belated wishes to you. I tried to read the post you posted in connection with Independence day . But that page wouldn't open.:(

  34. I can hardly believe this was posted almost a week ago and I have only just got around to visiting. Another impressive post, the carvings on the pillars are wonderful.

  35. I have been to Madurai, but missed all these.:(

  36. PW
    I know how you busy you are.I am happy, you still found time to visit.

  37. Samvedana
    Thanks for the visit.

  38. Hi chitra, it was not at all difficult but was really fun to do that one..if you find it difficult you can use shell will be much easier...

  39. excellent post
    and thanks for giving the meaning of words.

  40. I would love to see the well inside and to try the sweet milk. I love learning of these festivals and temples through you. One day I hope to visit in person -- I won't need a tour guide, I'll just use your blog as a guide.

  41. hi chitra... nice creativity wid picasa web album! i loved ur posting!

  42. Traci,
    Thanks Traci, you made my day:), During my last trip, 3 weeks ago we got the milk sweet. still it is in my refrigerator.

  43. Monu.
    Long time no see! You must be having a busy schedule. Any way, thanks for the visit and the appreciation.

  44. Chitra, Wonderful collection of pictures this time. These days many temples does not allow camera inside the temple. I remember some years back i had taken beautiful pictures inside Puri Jaganath temple. But when i visited recently they did not allow anything inside, leather purse, belt, mobile, camera and any metallic object! Side effect of becoming modern I guess!!!

  45. Gopalan
    Like you said, many a time I also find it difficult to take the camera inside. But some temples allow except near the sanctum. They site security as the man reason but on the sly I have seen many shooting on mobile cameras which I never do .Don't like to go against the rules.

  46. You are a storehouse of knowledge really :):)

  47. maam pls can u say why this temple's rajagopuram choose by govt as a emblem the reason behind it?

  48. Kannan,
    It an ancient and famous historic monument and also when the Government wanted to select an emblem this would been the tallest at that time.

  49. We are 4 adults (2M/2F)
    Need a decent hotel to stay for 1 day (07.00 am to 07.00pm)
    Purpose - Temple dharshan- Andal / tiruvannamalai / thiruthangal
    Kidly suggest / guide.
    R Sridharan

    1. have mailed you details. @ Sridharan Raghavan

  50. Pls share the accomodation details to me as well on

  51. We are planning on a trip to srivilliputhur in December and that would be our first stop. What is the best hotel to stay for a day and get refreshed. And we are planning to proceed to tirunelveli from there.

    1. There aren't good hotels in Srivilliputur. Sivakasi is nearby and has 2-3 good hotels.


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