Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mangesh temple - Priol, Goa

Mangesh temple is situated on the Panaji-Ponda road. Mangesh (Siva) is the Presiding deity here. This temple was  originally in Kushasthali which was destroyed in 1543. The Lingam  was shifted to the present location to  Mangeshi in Priol. 

There is a Nandi in front of the main deity. There is also a shrine dedicated to Kala Bhairava  near the entrance of the temple. One has to climb a few steps to reach the temple. The temple has a beautiful tank and is surrounded by lot of greenery. This 400 year old temple  attracts many pilgrims and is  situated in serene surroundings.

How to reach: Nearest railway station is Madagaon (26 Kms) and the airport Dabolim which is about 35 kms.
Good hotels are available in Panaji, Vasco, Madgaon and Ponda.
Each temple also has accommodation facilities, however this is generally made available for the people of the Saraswath community.

SG of Shoot the Breeze presented me with a Cherry on top award and I am grateful to him for the same.As per the rules of the award I have to say 3 good things about me. so here it goes.
1.  I am very affectionate. 2. I am kind. 3. Very sincere.

Now I  would present this award to Tastemaster and MadrasmanGlobal Madrasi and Epic Fail


  1. i have visited this temple several times, very beautiful...and congrats on your awards chitra, you deserve a lots more..

  2. Thank you Sushma. I am sure my post really brought beautiful memories of your trip.

  3. My favourite temple so far - it's so white and bright. Out of all the temples so far I think this is the one I'd most like to visit.

    Well done on your cherry award. I'm away to visit the other blogs you mention.

  4. The Goan architecture for sure looks different. And nice to know three things about you :D

  5. U know I never hv been to Goa!! But I do plan to visit this year.. I will not say right now that I will visit these temples as I strongly believe that if I say.. I should visit them but I want to try :) Will take details from ur blog :) Thanks!

  6. PW
    I also liked it so much we spent some time relaxing with in the temple precincts enjoying the temple architecture. It was getting dark and the main dome was occupied by lot of pigeons. It was a nice treat for the eyes.

  7. Mridula
    Loved your comment.Thanks.

  8. Vineeta
    I also collected lot of info.before going to Goa. But temples were already on the list as they are our Kuladevatas. thanks for the comment. See you again.

  9. Dear Chitra,
    Good Evening!
    Whenever I visit MANGESHI TEMPLE,the temple tank attracts me alot!:)I have not gone back to Goa!You are really lucky to viist so many temples!Wonderful photos as if I am standing inside the temple.
    In our childhood,our parents used to take us to different temples.Thus we could see Pazhani temple!The memories are so dear!
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  10. Wow!! the temple tower is so beautiful and the architecture is quite different. Well kept temple!

    And congrats on the award.

  11. Very nice post on Mangesh temple. Nice pictures. Is Lata Mangeshkar somehow associated with this town?

    Congratulatins to all the award winners.

  12. Hi Chitra,
    I have visited this temple. Notice the strong Portuguese influence on its architecture and the image in the niche outside in the photograph!

    Your images are very clear and good quality. Thanks for this post.

    Visit my post on Rohtang Pass.

  13. Interesting pictures!!!! I've seen the greenery (in surroundings) in some of the pictures (seems to be jungle(forest) type)and liked it...

  14. such a wonderful narration...... congrats..............

  15. Anupama
    I am happy to see your comment. i am sure you can relate to this place very well.Shall be writing about about Palani temple too. it is just an hours day from here.

  16. insignia
    thanks for the comment. This is the best temple I saw in Goa.

  17. SG
    Lata Mangeshkar's family belongs to this village and Mangesh is their family deity, this info.I gathered from a local.

    thanks for the award.

  18. Archana
    you are really a treasure house of info. shall be visiting your post v. soon . A bit irregular these days as i am busy with some assignments.

  19. SKM
    There is no jungle , beautiful greenery around. Goa is a wonderful place surrounded by hills too.

  20. Jayamurukumpuzha
    Thanks for the comment. It is quite some time since i visited you. Shall be visiting soon.

  21. K P Sir
    Feel happy to see your comment. Short and crisp communication,that is what i keep teaching . I know people will get bored if we go into details. Time is precious. We must respect that.

  22. Very beautiful architecture of the tempple. Wonderful description. Goa is a wonderful place to visit.

  23. Interesting post...waiting for more of your pilgrimage experience.

  24. not enf words to thank u friend..cheers n wishes always:)

  25. Babli
    Thanks . Hope you had a wonderful trip.

  26. Aramulla Kannadi
    Interesting name.Many thanks dear friend for your comment.
    I know Aramulla kannadis are famous. I wish to visit the famous temple there.

  27. Ramesh
    You deserve the award. Best wishes to you too.

  28. seems you indeed are very sweet. congratz on the award.

  29. temple tank is beautiful
    every time i visit blog i have a virtual trip
    thanks for sharing

  30. Rajalakshmi
    Thanks dear for the the sweet words. yesterday I was reading your post but could not post comment.

  31. sm
    Thanks for the comment. The temple tank was really stunning.

  32. This one is one of my favorites -- the water courtyard is gorgeous!

    And congrats -- you deserve it! You are sincere and kind. And may I add -- you are a lovely friend.

  33. Traci
    You made my day. Hugs and hugs dear.
    I am shall be away for 2 weeks to conduct some workshops but shall try to visit all my favourite blogs including yours.

  34. Another wonderful temple. Seems like it is award time for you
    There is an award for you in my blog
    Check it out here http://subups.blogspot.com/p/awards-accolades.html

  35. Subu
    Thanks for the visit.
    Whole of last month I was travelling. I am so happy you have also presented me with an award.

  36. oops! where did my comment go :( No issues will write again :)
    Actually there is no follower widget in wordpress (one of the disadvantage) but you can still add me in your blogroll to follow. I have you in my list of blogs I follow so I can keep coming and reminding you :D

  37. Vineeeta

    Your comment is right on top. I shall blog roll you. That would be better. You are always welcome here .Let our friendship flourish.

  38. Thank you for this beautiful glimpse of your world! So lovely and so different from ours. Your pictures are so good!

  39. Sallie
    Welcome to my blog.Thanks for the comment. Do visit again.

  40. Congratulations on your award Chitra!

  41. Chitra
    I had seen yr comments on my elephant blog..now I am not updating that one so I missed yr comments...Thanks for stopping by and for yr comments. I am daily following your posts....Thanks for sharing your journeys...

  42. @Samvadana
    Thanks for the comment. I hardly see you updating your blogs these days. or I am I missing your posts?

    Aswathi nice to know you are following my posts. Thanks for the same.

  43. Hi Chitra,
    This brings back a treasure trove of childhood memories for me. Manguesh is my kuldaivat from my father's side. It's said that a woman's kuldaivat changes after marriage. Right now, it's Shree Vyadeshwar (Lord Shiva again) in Guhagar. But Mangueshi will always be my first love... having visited it every year since my birth. It has been more than 6 years since I last went there... but the smell of the red earth, the usal pav breakfast at the khanavals below the temple, the 1room-kitchen-attached bathroom-toilet rooms in the temple premises (with black stone flooring), the hawkers on the approach road to the temple, the beautiful red lotus-like flowers, the bakul gajras... are still fresh in my mind. Thanks for the write-up :)


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