Saturday, January 4, 2020

Abihirami temple- Dindigul

Abhirami Koil , Dindigul is a popular temple among the locals, the temple complex houses  2 Shivalingams  and 2 Ammans in separate shrines.
 Shivalingams are known as  Padmagirishwarar and Kalahastheeswarar.
Amman here are Gnanambigai and Abhirami and this temple is popularly known  as Abhirami Amman temple.
There are shrines for  Pillayar, Subramanya,  Perumal ,Navagrihas. It is interesting to see a Garuda statue  on a pillar here . The Durgai amman in the outer prakaram draws huge number of devotees.

The temple of Padmagirishewarar was on top of the Dindigul rock  and later it was brought here.
It is believed  Mother Kali had come here to kill one Asura and she was very furious.  Shiva helped her calm down and married her. She looked very alluring and was named Abhirami

Check temple history and legend in this link.
Pictures which I had shot few years ago.