Monday, March 26, 2018

Mundakanniyamman temple- Mylapore , Chennai

 Mundakanniyamman, the name is unique,so is the  Goddess in this  temple, which is situated in the Northern side of Mylapore Kapaleeshwarar temple.

The main idol in the sanctum appears small but is considered to be very powerful.  Since the manifestation is just  like a head resembling a lotus - the deity bears the name Mundakam which means lotus in Tamil. There is also a big image of Goddess etched in silver above the manifestation with huge sparkling eyes .

The Goddess here, is believed to be Saraswathi, and she has thousands of devotees flocking to her  abode with fervent prayers to protect them from various problems and also to ward off curses, occult, illness and influences of bad spirits. A major chunk of her devotees are women and they offer her milk, fruits, flowers, silks with fervent prayers  she in turn grants their wish.

A huge banyan tree behind the sanctum provides shade to Goddess and she is happy sitting under a thatched roof in natural surroundings . There is an ant hill under  the tree,and it  is believed to be the place of temple nagam. Offering prayers here also removes Nagadosham. 
This temple is considered to be more than 1300 years old.

Aadi month festival is very famous and women flock here seeking Her blessings.
This temple is just a 10 minute walk from Kapaleeshwarar temple.


KParthasarathi said...

Short and crisp post on this famous temple in the heart of city.Thank you.

chitra said...

Thank you Kp for your time to comment.