Thursday, March 1, 2018

Madhur Madhanantheswara Siddivinayaka temple Kasargod.

Madhur temple is about 7 Kms from the town of Kasargod in Kannur  district of Kerala and is nestled in a small serene village and river Madhurvahini flows right in front of the temple.
An ancient place of worship, the presiding deity here is Lord Shiva, Madhananteshwara.
Though Shiva is the main deity, the temple is more famous for the Ganesha  known here as Madhur Siddhivinayaka,and has a separate niche  just outside the sanctum of Lord Shiva on the right side of the sanctum.

The temple structure is a three tired structure in grihaprishta style, meaning resembling the back of an elephant.

It is believed that a boy while playing drew a picture of Ganapati on the walls of sanctum and it started growing fatter and fatter. Later worship started to Ganesha.

This is one of the famous six temples of Ganesha in Tulunadu. Other five are Sharavo Maha Ganapathi, Annegude, Hattiangadi, Idagunji , Gokarna.( check trhe links for other ganesha temples I have visited)
Madhur  Ganapati here, loves sweet appams  and Appa seva is famous here.
Thousands of sweet appams are offered here during worship.


Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Lovely pics.. and thank you for all the info..


KP said...

But for your blog,I would have never known of such holy places.After reading the post and seeing the pictures,I yearn to visit the place though very unlikely.Thank you

chitra said...

Thanks a lot Kp.

chitra said...

Thank You Bikram for your visit and comment.