Friday, March 25, 2011

Annegudde Siddhi Vinayaka temple -Kumbakshi,Karnataka

Annegudde temple enshrines the majestic image of Lord Ganesha known here as Siddhi Vinayaka , one who grants all wishes of devotees.

The word Annegudde means elephant hill and the name rightly suits the elephant God's shrine.
One can see the idol of Lord Ganesha right from the entrance as the  idol is kept on a raised platform in a spacious hall.The temple is well lit and is kept neat and clean . The temple is small but the sprawling grounds surrounding the temple with tall shade providing trees gives a nice ambiance to the pilgrims.
 Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple hence I could get  only a few photos of this temple.

The temple is in the village Kumbakshi on the Mangalore - Udupi highway . Facing the temple is the sea and pilgrims never miss this temple, those who head for Udupi Sri Krishna temple or Murudeshawar Temple. Shall be posting soon on these two temples.

How to reach- Udupi/ Mangalore - the nearest railway stations.
Airport is at Mangalore.
Accommodation- Good  hotels are at Mangalore .
Many buses ply from Mangalore town to Kumbakshi.


  1. Happy weekend to you too Chitra! May Ganesha be with us!

  2. Nice picture - whatever you could capture. I do not understand why the prohibit photography..

  3. Wonderful picture. In most of the temples photography is prohibited still you have managed to capture lovely shots.

  4. This temple seems to be extensively renovated.

  5. Annegudde means elephant
    thanks for translation
    beautiful pics

  6. A,
    Many temples do it mainly for security reasons and some say the sanctity of temples would be lost. I read somewhere that age old paintings and carving does get affected with flash of the cameras. Another reason could be it may create nuisance for other devotees.
    If there are rules we have to observe it. In one temple I was not allowed to take my camera out but I could see many using their cell phone cameras and even capturing the golden Vimanam of sanctum which is totally banned. If rules are implemented it must same for all. There was no one to check all this.Then what is the big point in having these rules.
    I have also had so many opportunities to click the idols in the temples but have restrained myself from doing so.

  7. Martina, Thanks for the visit. Enjoy your weekend too.

  8. ?
    I haven't seen how the temple looked earlier. But the interior looks pretty new with all modern flooring.

  9. Beautiful temple! Exquisite craftsmanship .. sometimes make you wonder what we are missing out on in the modern rush of technology!

    US Masala

  10. Nice temple , Actually most of dakshina kannada temples don't allow camera .

  11. Chitra,
    Thanks for this post.

    I like the pillar brackets of elephants holding lotus buds and the dancing Ganesha in "Nataraja" pose, usually shown for dancing Shiva images. Are these in marble? That means this temple gets large donations from the devotees.

    I don't want to get started on this topic of prohibitions in some temples. First, I don't like this idea of "non-Hindus" not being allowed inside. Second, I strongly object to photography not being allowed. It's true that paintings lose their colour by flash, but they can always allow photography without flash for paintings and with flash for other objects - sculptures in wood, metal and stone don't get affected by flash.

    I have faced major problems in my research because of these prohibitions on photography. I of course, take care not to use flash while photographing paintings. The worst was Kerala, where they not only not allowed photography, but charged the visitors for keeping their cameras outside because they had banned photography! And there was one person following us around, monitoring in which direction we moved in some places.

    Besides, I think it's really hypocritical of them to have these rules, because I know most such temples allow high level officials and politicians' relatives to photograph on the sly in exchange for bribe or friendship with the powerful people. And of course, the Archaeological departments are always photographing inside temples, with flash and tripod stands, which others are not allowed.

    Basically, the non-Hindus were prohibited after some temples were destroyed and looted in certain periods of Indian history during mostly political invasions from outsiders who were mostly non-Hindus. Hence, gradually the temple priests became highly protective of the temples and began to prohibit the non-Hindus, even after the invasions stopped in recent history.

    The prohibition on photography is essentially a legacy from the Colonial period, when the Archaeological departments were maintained by the British, who wanted to control the information they collected from the monuments, with only some Indian allowed access to this information collection exercise.

    But now we are no longer being invaded nor are we under a Colonial rule. So it's high time these temples changed their rules for visitors, which are ridiculous in today's context.

    We only have to compare this with our Islamic, Sikh and Christian monuments, where there is no prohibition on photography or entrance of certain visitors regardless of their religion. These monuments don't get damaged by photography, nor do they lose their sanctity.

    It's true that many Hindu temples have abandoned such rules and they allow photography except of the Sanctum and they also allow non-Hindus inside. But some temples have still stuck to these obsolete rules. They should change now.

  12. This is beautiful, i love the temple pics and can almost imagine the insides of the temple :)

    I can understand the prohibition of photography thing, normally face this problem wherever i go... its become so common nowadays!

  13. Waiting for Udupi and Murudeshwar. I can go to these 2 places as many times yet I wont be bored; such beautiful places. Did you visit Gokarna too?

  14. Beautiful pics chitra of the temple premises....have a lovely weekend:)

  15. Lovely...will visit it the next time we plan a Udipi trip

  16. Archana,
    What I feel is rules must be same for everyone. One can always decide whether to allow photography or not. Like you said, I have seen people doing this on the sly.

  17. Arti, thanks.
    Insignia, shall definitely post them. I too love visiting Udupi temple.

  18. Sushma,
    thank you.


  19. Insignia, I have already written a post on Gokarana.

  20. Dear Chitra,
    Good Morning!
    I have heard about this famous temple.I had been to Udupi Temple and Murdeswar Temple....The ambience,the waves washing the base of the temple..The huge Lord Shiva that one can see even from the train....
    Wishing you a relaxed Sunday,

  21. Anu, Hope you are fine.Thanks for the visit among your busy work . Have a enjoyable Sunday

  22. There must be a million temples in DK and Udipi Dist. alone!

  23. Those columns with the elephant head at the top are amazing, quite extraordinary. Thanks for another armchair journey, I know how busy you have been so truly appreciate you taken the time.

  24. Lovely pictures as usual Chitra.

  25. Thanks for coming Citra, i still love seeing Ganesha here - he's such an abundant deity, so kind to us humans!

  26. Excellent once again .. Beautiful pics and as you explain it feels me there tooo ..
    I know who i would love ot have as a guide YOUuuuuuuuuuu :)


  27. PW, thanks ,happy you are enjoying your journey with me:)

  28. Mridula, Thanks
    Martina, Thanks once again
    Bikram, sure ..., would be your guide.Welcome to S. India.

  29. Indian. R. Romeo
    I am sure there would be millions...I am happy I saw a few.

  30. Hi Chitra
    So wonderful post
    I wish I could be there in real :-)
    For me is this almost a fairytale ....
    Have a happy week
    Hugs from us all ;)

  31. Thanks Anya. Hope you had a wonderful b'

  32. I knew of Siddhi Vinayak in Mumbai. Now through your blog, I know about the one in Karnataka too.

  33. Thanks Kiran. I have seen one in the Mumbai too.

  34. Hi chitra ji..sorry I was away from blog for long..thanks for staying happy to have good blog friends like you..keep the cheers n best wishes always

  35. We go to this temple almost every year especially on Ganesh Chathurthi. The crowd that day is awesome but I am always floored by the devotion of the people.
    It is said that it is 'swayambhu' and the deity grows a few cms tall every year

  36. hey boss..thanks keep yr word and keep me posted when u visit id is cheers

  37. Bhagyasree,
    I also heard that the image is growing. But not too sure about it. I have visited that temple twice.

  38. Ramesh,Easier said than done. Ok. if I am there will definitely let you know.

  39. Wonderful..I had visited this place way back in 2005..!


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