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Trichy- Tiruvanaikal Jambukeshwara temple.

Tiruvanaikal Jambukeswara temple is on the banks of Kaveri and is very near to Ranganatha swamy temple in Srirangam.This temple is one of the Pancha Bhootha Lingas and it is a Jala (water) Linga. I have already made posts on Arunachaleshwara (Fire) at Tiruvannamalai and Ekambareshwar(Earth)at Kanchipuram. This temple is also quite huge and and there are about 5 towers till we reach the temple. The main temple complex also houses the shrine of Amman known here as Akhilandeshwari.

There is water around the main Sivalinga here and it gets immersed in water when water rises in Kaveri. The Jambu fruit tree is behind the sanctum hence the Lord here is known as Jambukeshwarar. The corridors around the temple are as long as 1 mile and it is lined with beautiful paintings. The wall surrounding the temple is around 25 feet in height.There are mandapams with exiquisite sculptures. It is believed that Lord Siva participated in the construction of this temple.

There is an interesting story how this place came to be known as Tiruvanaikal or Tiruvanaikaval. An elephant and a spider were devotees of Siva and they used to offer their worship here . They were also jealous of each other. The spider was reborn as a king and he built a huge temple here but he made the door of the sanctum very small that no elephant would enter. Even today the door leading to sanctum is only around 3 feet. One has to stoop low to enter the inner most part of the temple.

It is also believed that Parvati offered worship here by making a Linga with water and it is called as Jala Linga. There is an idol of Prasanna Vinayagar opposite to Amman sannidhi.The Goddess here is a spinster and there is no Kalyanotsavam in this temple. The temple worships cows and during the worship the priest wears costumes (saree) like a woman and offers the worship . There are also separate shrines for Kubera Lingam ,Vinayagar and Muruga.

Another legend associated with this temple is that Lord Ranganathar stayed in Srirangam only to worship Jambugeshwarar and he makes a visit to this temple once a year and stays there for a day.

How to reach: Trichy is well connected by rail air and road.
Srirangam also has a railway station but for a good stay it better to stay in Trichy town which is just 5 Kms.
Here are some photos I could collect during my recent visit to this ancient temple.


  1. I'm glad that all seems well, it just seemed like some time ago that you last posted. You know I love all our visits together, seeeing all these wonderful places and just as much as the temples themselves I love the stories behind them. Thanks again Chitra.
    Oh and please feel free to drop by my blog and enter my 1st blogoversary book giveaway - a bit of a distance for you to travel but I'd love to know where we'd visit in our virtual journey in Europe.

  2. Mridula ,
    Thank you for the comment.

  3. Petty Witter
    Feel so good to see your comment. When we are travelling together, I would ceratinly make sure we take on a tour of Europe too. I did visit your blog but I need some time to think and actually plan our trip together. See you.

  4. Nice info abt the temple and beautiful pics again...

  5. Sushma,
    Thanks for the comment.

  6. Welcome back to blogging about beautiful temples and structures. :-)

    Each temple has a unique history behind its construction, each having a story that is consistent with its architecture. I wonder why create such fables. It always seems like an allegory to me, something much bigger than what is depicted in the story. Since people are always fascinated towards magical things, it is better to tell them stories than tell truths that they won't understand. Anyway, there is always the truth behind it all which we must strive to see.

    Nice pictures again. I wish to visit such temples which are abodes for peace, art, architecture, religion and spirituality.

  7. Hi Vittal
    Your comment really makes me think. I hope other readers would also see insight into the way you are thinking.

  8. Liked the elephant-spider story. Only in mythology would the elephant's physical strength be totally overlooked :) :) Am glad you're back ..was missing your posts!! Great darshan as always Chitra :)

  9. lostworld
    It is always a pleasure reading your comments. I visited tyour post today but had some problems posting comment. Shall be visiting again.
    I too missed all my friends from the blogosphere.

  10. Nice one. The moment I read the title, I thought about the gurukkal there dressed as a woman. I am glad you mentioned about it. I do not know the reason behind it. If you know, I will be happy to learn from you.

  11. SG
    I am sue you would have seen this temple too. The Lingam here was installed by the Goddess here . To signify devi worshipping Lord, the priest dresses like a woman and performs the noon pooja.

  12. Really, Southern side Temples were an great show of architectural designs,
    My Mind is really amazed to see such designs...
    Thanks Chitra ji for introducing us with such places...

  13. Ive been there twice, and each time saw something new... did u see that part where the story of Kochengattan chozhan is there?? i was fascinated, esp when i visited two temples built by the king soon after!
    and hey, i have tagged you, so check my blog....

  14. So glad that you are back, my friend. I had missed my virtual tours through your countryside. I dream of seeing these places in person but in the mean, I depend on you.

  15. SKM,
    I welcome your comment. I am happy you liked it.

  16. Anu,
    To explore each and everything in these massive temples I think one or two trips are insufficient. I haven't seen what you have said. As the it was closing time I had to hurry through my visit.I would be visiting again and would certainly watch the depiction of the story.

  17. Hi Traci
    Nice to see you. I am sure you are enjoying these trips with me. Thanks for the comment.

  18. some photos that shot while at SriRangam... perhaps you might find it interesting

  19. Anonymous,
    Thanks .shall chk. Keep visiting.

  20. Wonderful description about the temple. Each temple is unique and has a history behind it. Your each and every post is not only interesting but informative as well. I will definitely visit this temple when I plan to visit Trichy.

  21. Welcome and thanks Babli, for your encouraging words.

  22. Betty
    Thanks for the appreciative comment.

  23. How do u get all this info Chitra, its really so useful for a person who wud like to do a lot of mom is so much into bhakti and all, she wud love ur space!!!

  24. Hey Chitra,

    got u from Vittal :) .. and I m glad that I did. You have an awesome blog here!

    I am not someone who would go to temple to pray. But I am always fascinated by their architecture and the smoothness with which they operate. awesome!
    I totally enjoyed the pictures here!! thanks for them!

    PS: I am following u now

  25. Aruna
    Thanks. I am too happy to learn that your mom is intrested in these things. Introduce my posts to her. This interst which I have started long back but intitially I never expected that I would put it in writing. Thanks to my son ,I have become a serious blogger.

  26. Chhaya
    Welcome to my blog.Temples are not only place of worship .They are socio religious centres. We can enjoy the fantastic art work created by ancient sculptures and these monuments are a testimony for our rich cultural heritage.


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