Thursday, August 9, 2012

Madana Gopala swamy Swamy temple- Madurai

Happy Krisnhashtami Wishes to all!!
Here's a post on Lord Krishna's temple as today it is Lord Krishna's birthday,  celebrated all over India with so much fervour and gaiety.
This temple is about 800 years old. The main deity is of  Lord Krishna, playing the flute  known as Madana Gopalaswamy flanked by His consorts Rukmani and Sathyabhama. The idol is of bewitching beauty and  the idol is about 5 feet tall . This temple is not known to many tourists and is more frequented by local people. Make a visit to this temple whenever you get an opportunity to visit Madurai as the Krishna here will definitely steal your heart.:)
There are sub shrines here for Anjaneya, Lakshmi Narsimha, Nag  devas , Gajalakshmi and Saraswathi too.
This temple is in  West Masi street and is very close to Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple .


  1. Janmashtami greetings to you :). Just made cheedai, thattai for neivedyam. Thought i will catch up with my mail box for few minutes before i get back to other work.

    And i get to have a darshan of krishna. Thank you for those beautiful photos.

  2. Asha
    thanks a lot. I will be also performing pooja in the evening..

  3. Krishna Jayanthi vaazhthukkal. Thanks for the nice info. Will remember this on our next visit to India.

  4. didnt know it was 800 years old!

  5. Hi Chutra, long time no see! Hope you are fine. Am busy painting at the moment - the blue of these Krishna figures is so inspiring, somehow, i'm a Krishna girl!

  6. beautiful pictures
    800 years old great

  7. Really I was also not aware. Thanks a lot and a happy Janmashtami.

  8. SG,
    Greetings to you SG
    Make a visit to this temple. You would love it..You can just walk down from Meenakshi temple.

  9. Ashok
    Ashok..Unga ooru..theriyatha.??
    That is what the priest told us..
    But loved the serenity inside .

  10. Martina, got busy with work shall visit you my dear friend..

  11. PNS
    Even i came to know about this temple a few months back since then I made quite a few visits.

  12. Apt post for Janmashtami... nice photos.

  13. Happy Gokulashtami Chitra ma'am. Fitting post :)

  14. Wonderful pictures of an ancient and sort of hidden temple. Very beautiful post.. Thanks for always taking me to a world divine.

    Happy belated Krishnashtami greetings to you and your family. :)

  15. Thanks Bindhu.Krishnashtami greetings to you also.:)

    thanks a lot. Greetings of janmashtami to you also.

  16. Have been to Madurai at least twice and I believe I may have visited this temple.
    Thank you for posting these lovely photos.

  17. Sorry it has taken me a while to getting around to stopping by. As always a fascinating and truly divine post, your photographs never cease to amaze me.

  18. The Chair Speaks.. You would have, It is just a few meters away from the Meenakshiamman temple

  19. PW
    I was also about to visit you. Shall send a message soon.thanks for the visit.

  20. नाइस पोस्‍ट।

    ईद की दिली मुबारकबाद।
    हर अदा पर निसार हो जाएँ...


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