Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Annapoorneshwari temple-Horanadu, Dakshin Kannada

The temple of Annapoorneshwari is situated in Horanadu, a quaint village  nestled in the forest range of Western ghats which is just 100 Kms from the town of Chikmaglur.

The scenic beauty of this place will mesmerise all. The hill ranges with  a lavish coat of greenery, the  veil of mist, the river Bhadra flowing by will have a calming effect on one's mind . Peace descends as soon as one sets his  foot here. The rest is done by the benevolent glance of Mother and one experiences pure bliss . A perfect place  for those are in search of spiritual retreats.

Goddess of this temple is  known as Adhyasakthyathmaka Annapoorneshwari and the idol of the Goddess stands tall decked from top to toe with gold . She is none other than Goddess Parvati incarnate. It is believed that whoever visits this temple would not go without food in their life time.

Anna means food or grains and poorna means perfect food. Serving Anna known as Annadanam is a daily  service in the temple and no devotee leaves this temple without partaking the prasad .

Follow this link for details of the temple.
Temple website
Photography is not allowed inside the temple.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Sowthadka Shree Maha Ganapathy temple, Dakshin Kannada.

Lord Mahaganapathy  here , sits majestically  in the open  courtyard on a large platform  in  lush green surroundings. Serenity envelops this divine place and renders a unique experience.

The image of Ganesha, is carved out of black granite stone and is  fully decked up with bright coloured floral garlands. He is visible to devotees  right from the entrance of the temple. Scores of bells varying in size are hung all around the temple and they are offerings made by the devotees to their dear God.The air reverberates with the sound of bells. The vibrations created by the chimes, chanting by the priests, the fervent prayers by the devotees standing all around will help one to make a divine connect with the Lord easily.  

This temple is in Bellthangadi district near Kokkada village in Dakshina Kannada and 16 Kms from Dharmasthala and about 30 Kms from Kukke Subramanya but many are unaware of this temple's existence.More details here.

Other famous temple of Ganesha-   Madanantheswara  Siddhi Vinayaka temple in Kasargod, Kerala. Gokarna and Karpagavinayagar temple in Pillayarpatti, Tamil nadu

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Gangaikonda Cholapuram - Brihadeeshwara temple, Tamilnadu

Brihadeeshwara temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram is yet another contribution to the world from the Chola kings. One can say, it is a smaller version of Brihadeeshwara temple at Tanjore; a marvel that remains unparalleled even after thousands of years.

Gangaikonda cholapuram temple, was built by King Rajendra Chola, son of Rajaraja Chola  to commemorate his war victory over Pala dynasty.
The temple main gate faces East and has a big Nandi facing the sanctum. The Brihadeeshwara Lingam is also  very tall.
The ornate spire above the sanctum  though a little shorter than the Tanjore temple is  beauty to behold.
Shiva's consort  Periyanayagi is in a shrine outside the main temple. There also shrines for Ganesha, Durga .

Outside walls and corridor are in a ruined state and so are many sculptures.
The town of Gangaikondapuram was destroyed but the main temple has remained intact.

There is a big well on the right side of the temple and a sculpture of lion near it.
The well was dug during Rajendra Chola's reign and he got pots of water from Ganges to be poured in the well. After conquering the  cities along the river Ganges in North, He came to be known as Gangaikondan., the Chola who conquered the Ganges.

 The temple is a world Heritage site and is maintained beautifully with green lawn and flowering trees. 
Best time to visit is from  November to February. It is difficult to walk up to the temple as the walkway to the temple gets heated up during other months.

Otherwise make the visit before 9 Am.
More details about the temple.

This temple is just 70 Kms from the Tanjore temple and midway one can visit the Darasuram temple too , yet another amazing contribution from the Cholas.

                                         Nagalinga tree,Cannon ball tree in the temple

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Vaidya Veeraraghava Perumal temple- Tiruvallur,Chennai

 Veeraraghava Perumal temple , one among the 108 Tirupatis of Lord Vishnu is situated at Tiruvallur, a suburban town of Chennai city.
The temple has  Veeraraghava Perumal- Evvulukidandan  in sanctum reclining on His Ananta and Utsavar, a resplendent idol flanked by His  consorts.

The  God here is believed to be a physician hence the name Vaidya. Childless couples and  those who want relief from various ailments pay obeisance to Perumal here and get blessed.

The Huge crowd of devotees waiting patiently in temple queue is  ample proof of the faith they have in almighty.

In the outer circumambulatory path there are shrines dedicated to Kankavalli Thayar  and Andal., Lord's consorts
There are also shrines for Rama and Krishna.
The great devotees of Vishnu ; Alwars have sung mangalasanams ( hymns) in praise of Lord here.
The huge mandapams in front of the temple serve as venues for multiple weddings which are conducted  simultaneously.

How to reach- From Chennai many suburban trains are available. It would take just about an hour and about 15 minutes to reach Tiruvallur.
From Tiruvallur one can get share auto rickshaws which would drop one near the temple.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Mundakanniyamman temple- Mylapore , Chennai

 Mundakanniyamman, the name is unique,so is the  Goddess in this  temple, which is situated in the Northern side of Mylapore Kapaleeshwarar temple.

The main idol in the sanctum appears small but is considered to be very powerful.  Since the manifestation is just  like a head resembling a lotus - the deity bears the name Mundakam which means lotus in Tamil. There is also a big image of Goddess etched in silver above the manifestation with huge sparkling eyes .

The Goddess here, is believed to be Saraswathi, and she has thousands of devotees flocking to her  abode with fervent prayers to protect them from various problems and also to ward off curses, occult, illness and influences of bad spirits. A major chunk of her devotees are women and they offer her milk, fruits, flowers, silks with fervent prayers  she in turn grants their wish.

A huge banyan tree behind the sanctum provides shade to Goddess and she is happy sitting under a thatched roof in natural surroundings . There is an ant hill under  the tree,and it  is believed to be the place of temple nagam. Offering prayers here also removes Nagadosham. 
This temple is considered to be more than 1300 years old.

Aadi month festival is very famous and women flock here seeking Her blessings.
This temple is just a 10 minute walk from Kapaleeshwarar temple.