Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Vainkunta Perumal Mangadu

Just half a kilometer form Kamakshi Amman temple is the abode of Vainkuta Perumal , He is the brother of Kanchi Kamakshi, and He came down to Mangadu to perform the wedding of Kamakshi Amman with Lord Shiva.

The wedding could not be solemnized in Mangaadu.

Perumal in this temple  is in a sitting position  with His consorts Boo devi and Sree devi.

He sits holding a ring in  His right hand which he carried as gift for his sister.
There are sub shrines here for  Kankavalli Thayar, Andal, Anjaneyar.

 There is also one more temple, temple of Shiva known here as Velleswarar  which is related to  Kamkshi amman temple. Will post the same soon.


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