Saturday, August 5, 2017

Kamakshi Amman temple- Mangadu, near Chennai

Kamakshi Amman temple on the outskirts of Chennai at Mangadu  is very popular and Goddess Sakthi is worshipped here. This temple is  draws huge crowd on Tuesdays and Fridays as these days are considered to be auspicious to pray and perform rituals to Goddess and seek her blessings.

It is believed that Goddess Parvati arrived here from Kailasha once she was cursed by Shiva . To reunite with Shiva she did severe penance standing on one leg and other leg folded over fire in a Mangaadu ( mango forest). One can see this idol of Amman doing penance in a shrine here.

Lord Shiva pleased with her penance came down to Mangadu and blessed Her and married her at Kanchipuram and both bless their devotees in Ekambereshwar temple in Kanchipuram.
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The temple main sanctum houses a Ardhmeru Sri Chakra by Sri Sankaracharya when he found out that the place where Godess did the severe penance still was hot by  the power of Agni( fire) which did not subside even after the penance was complete.

The main worship with kumkum ( vermillion ) is performed for the Sri Chakra and no abhishegam here as Sri Chakra contains rare herbs.

There is also an idol of Kamakshi behind the Sri Chakra which was installed by Sri Kanchi Paramacharya.

Maangaadu is just 24 kms from Chennai city and is located off the Chennai Bangalore highway on the way from Poonamallee to Kunrathur.

Buses as well as cabs are available to reach this temple.
Also make it a point to visit Vaikunta Perumal temple near Kamakshi Amman temple. God came here to help Goddess Kamakshi, His sister during her wedding.
Temple timings.6 AM - 1.30 PM, 3 PM - 9.30 PM  ,
Sunday,Tuesday and Fridays : 5 AM - 10 PM (Without Break)



दक्षिण भारत की अपनी यात्रा में यह है मंदिर रह गया था दोबारा दक्षिण यात्रा होगी तो इसे भी अवश्य देखा जाएगा।

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Beautiful, The pics bring back nostalgic memories from my school summer vacations.

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