Sunday, August 27, 2017

Chennakesava temple - Somanthpura, Karnataka

Around 35 Kms from Mysuru town is the temple of Chennakesava yet another wonder from Hoysala rulers.This temple is smaller than Halebidu temples and Belur but still magnificient with exquisite craftsmanship.
Here also like Belur temple Krishna is the presiding deity is a  kept in a well protected casing.
As per history this was built by Soma , the commander in chief of Narasimha III when Hoysala empire was a major power in South India.

There is no worship in this temple and is a great tourist attraction for those who love to visit monuments.
My pictures would speak better than my description so please see my collection.
Temple timings- 9 Am- 5.30 pm


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Anonymous said...

Hi Chitra
Visited this temple long back.Chennakesava means Handsome kesava.Hoysala dynasty sculptured an handsome kesava and majestic temple.
Great work by u too Chitra.

Manoj Prabhu