Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sri Ranganathar Temple, Devadhanam, Ponneri, Chennai

Just on the outskirts of Chennai near Ponneri lies a small village known as Devadhanam and here one would find an ancient temple of Lord  Ranganathar  which is considered to be 1000 years old  built by Chalukya kings. Akin to the Lord of Srirangam, here also the deity is reclining on his serpent Adisesha.

It is hard to believe that  one is just a few Kilometers from the city of Chennai as this  village here  is calm and peaceful and appears  lush  green with paddy fields all around.

The temple Gopuram stands tall and can be seen from a few kilometers away, There are hardly any shops here except one outside the temple selling articles meant for worship.

The best thing in this temple is that , one can go very near the idol and can offer prayers . The idol here is huge about 18 feet in length , The Lord's idol is sculpted well  and Ranganathar appears handsome with His beautiful eyes and well chiselled nose and lips. The facial expressions are done to perfection. This  idol is not made of stone hence there is no Tirumanjanam ( no ceremonial bath-abhishekam)  only Thaila kappu.

The Lord is resting on a wooden log with his right hand under the locks of his hair , His two consorts are seated near his Tiruvadi ( Holy feet) There are also idols of Bhaktha Anjaneya and Narada inside the sanctum.
Facing the Sannidhi one finds Garudalwar's shrine and the Dwajasthambham.

There are also sub shrines for God's consort Ranganayaki, Chakrathazhwar and  Anjaneya .
There is a small ant hill behind the temple with a small niche for worshipping Nagas. It is believed that Nagaraja protects this temple.

Devotees worship Lord by lighting  ghee lamps   for 7 consecutive Saturdays and they firmly  believe that God will  grant all their wishes.

The temple is situated in a perfect serene atmosphere and this temple really calms the inner turmoil and brings about peace. Yes, I have experienced it.
temple timings
7 Am-12Pm
4Am-7.00 pm

 Teertheswari sametha Somanathar temple-
There is a Siva temple very near to Ranganathar temple which believed to be 400 years old. 
Unfortunately the temple was closed and we could not  get inside. just got a couple of pictures for my album.


SG said...

Thanks for introducing this beautiful temple. It is so near Chennai yet I did not know about it.

KParthasarathi said...

Very nicely described with apt pictures.I have visited the Sri Ranganatha Temple and the idol is very beautiful as explained by you.I did not know about only thaila kappu without Tirumanjanam..The close proximity allowed to the reclining God is an experience by itself

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Not as ornately coloured as some of the other temples you have shared but never the less impressive.

veena said...

After reading this , I want to visit this temple and have his blessings.

chitra said...

Yes, here we do not see multi colored spire.

chitra said...

Yes, here we do not see multi colored spire.

chitra said...

Yes, you will enjoy and cherish the moments you spend here. Visit nearby temples too. Kari Krishna temple

Anonymous said...

Do we have temple opened on Dec 31 night ?