Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thiruvarpu Krishna Temple-Kottayam district,Kerala.

Tiruvarpu Krishna temple is situated in a small scenic village, 6-7 Kms from  Kottayam which is an important town in Kerala. This temple is nearly 1500  years old.

The temple deity is similar to  Lord Krishna of Guruvayur.  The temple here opens at 3 am in the morning  and as soon as the temple opens the Lord is offered the sweet porridge known here as Usha payasam . it is believed that Lord here is tired and hungry after killing Kamsa. So any delay in offering  would keep the Lord hungry and angry.

The temple architecture is typical Kerala style and there is a dwajasthambha in front. In the outer circumambulation  path there are  sub shrines for Bhagavathy, Subramanya, Ganapathy and  Shiva. The interior of the temple is quite small and it is visited more by local people. There is a huge Bali Peetam in front of the temple.

During the temple festivals young girl dressed as Krishna worship this Lord by carrying oil lamps. I visited the temple very early morning and the peace and serenity in the temple enveloped me and it was difficult to leave the temple precincts to be back in the dust and din of the city life.

This temple is on Kumarakan- Kottayam road . Kumarakom  draws lot of tourist and it is famous for house boats.


  1. Yes, it looks a very old temple but with large outer prakaarams.All temples in Kerala have that peaceful and divine ambience.
    I see people in pant within temple precincts?Are there no restrictions?
    Thanks Chitra for the write up

  2. beautiful pics and that is a sweet legend associated with the temple. Can feel the ambience.

  3. Beautiful temple. Nice captures of the same.

  4. KP, there are restrictions.while looking at photos I see a devotee in pants. May be no one noticed. But there is a dress code.

  5. Ancient temples have always intrigued me and the tiny winy stories associated with them are so fascinating. Beautiful serene pictures and description, thank you for a wonderful armchair pilgrimage. :)

  6. Thanks for introducing this beautiful temple to me.

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  8. I always love to read about the legends connected to these temples and deities and this is one of my favourite so far.

  9. The temples of Kerala have that pleasant calmness and a serene air around them that we dont get to see in other temples.

  10. PW, I also got fascinated by the legend associated with the temple . thanks for liking the post.

  11. Bindu, what you say is very true. Calm and at the same time very well clean too.

  12. Ashok
    thanks a lot.
    Sridhar- thanks a lot.

  13. SG, thanks , nice to see your comment.

  14. awesome as all other posts of yours chitraji..wishes

  15. Beautiful Chitra; have a lot to catch up.

    Wishing you a very happy new year.

  16. Only me Petty Witter but with a different name. I don't know how or why but my blog has changed to google+, my blog profile has disappeared and I'm unable to sign in as Petty Witter which is causing some confusion. Anyone else having similar issues?

    Anyway, just checking in. Here's to a happy and healthy new year to you and yours Chitra.

  17. PW, No such problems for me.,..
    happy new Year to you and your family..


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