Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Badrinath temple, Chamoli district, Uttarakhand

Badrinath is the abode of  Lord Narayana and the temple is situated on the banks of Alakananda river in Chamoli district , this is a divyadesam of Vishnu and the idol here is  known as Badrinarayan. Lord Narayana sits here in this temple under the Badri tree  and the  idol is made of salagrama.
This is the  only temple that is believed to be in existence from Satyayuga and is  mentioned in our ancient religious texts. It is also glorified in Nalariyam Divyaprabandan

There is separate  shrine for Mahalakshmi , consort of Lord Narayana.
The temple puja and worship was designed by Sri Shankaracharya.
The temple is flanked by the snow capped Nar Narayan parvats.
There is a hot water spring just outside the temple and pilgrims take bath as it is supposed to have medicinal effect.
The mahadwara of the main temple is richly decorated and is a stark contrast to the snow laden surroundings.
This temple remains open only for 6 months and during winter months it gets covered in snow.

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