Saturday, November 5, 2016

Virali Malai, Shanmughanathan Devasthanam, Tamilnadu

Lord Muruga, has a fancy to make rocks and hills as his abode  and Virali Malai near Trichy is no different. One can get a glimpse of the this rock temple as one travels on Madurai - Trichy route. The temple on the hill has about 200 plus steps and there are small shelters to take rest if one finds the climb a bit tedious.
There is greenery around the rock as there are many trees and it a haven for the peacocks.
There are small caves where Yogis have performed penance. The view from above the hill is breath taking,

 The Lord here is Arumughan , six faced God with 12 hands. Dressed in yellow  silks and turban the image was resplendent in the glow of oil lamps. The crowd-less day made it easy for us  to worship peacefully. Cigars are made as  an offering to the Lord here.
Saint Arunagirinathar came to Viralimalai on instructions of Lord here.

Taipoosam, Panguni Uthram, Kanda Sashti are some of the  festivals celebrated here.

Temple timings- 6 am to 11 Am
5 pm -8 pm.
Phone numbers 4322-221084
Address - Shri Shanmugha Natha Swamy temple,  manapparai Road,Virali malai, Tamilnadu-621316
This temple can be reached from Madurai or Trichy.

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