Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mahalakshmi temple- Ponda, Goa

In this temple resides Goddess of wealth- Mahalakshmi. This temple is in Ponda . One can enjoy the richness and grandeur of the temple as it is a befitting tribute to the Goddess of wealth. The entrance and the doors have rich ornamental designs covered with silver and gold foils. A golden image of Lakshmi is set atop the door leading to the sanctum. The main deity here is adorned with rich silks and finery. There are two shrines on either side of the main temple one for Lakshmi Narayana and other for Ganapathi.

How to reach: Nearest railway station Madgaon . Ponda is 16 Kms. from the railway station.
Dabolim is the airport in Goa.
Accommodation - Most of the temples have accommodation facilities for the community members .Budget and luxury hotels are available here.


  1. hey this tag post is interesting ya...and destiny would have it, v shall meet soon sometime..what say? cheers

  2. Very nice Mahalakshmi temple in Ponda, Goa. Thanks for introducing us to this temple. Kovil vaasalla bonda kidaikuma? Ha ha ha.

    Now we know a little more about you. Your answer ‘there is no winter where I am’ brought me a nostalgic smile. You also wrote ‘don’t trust people who praise you’. Now I am worried if you trust me or not. You may remember I said once that you are Desa. Mangayarkarasi writing a blog in the name of Chitra.

  3. Ramesh
    Yes for sure.That would happen soon. tc

  4. I have visited this beautiful temple many times and love to go there again..

  5. SG
    Bonda....good one. Never thought about that.

    I said 'unnecessarily praise'. We can identify such people. But you are not in that list. Sure. I really felt great about DESA. It was really encouraging. Thanks.

  6. Sushama
    Thanks . I also want to visit Goa, once more as last trip we hurried thru' our visits.

  7. Chitra thanks to your blog, everyone is getting to do a pilgrimage. I love your answers in the tag. Nice

  8. what a coincidence
    mine is 8th comment.
    beautiful shots.
    like your slide show.
    I am always ready to make a youtube video using your pics. So whenever you feel just let me know.

  9. looks like yu'll bring a revolution...goa means i can see the different part of it!!! and places to visit yu like yur house in chennai??? oh neenga trichy thane?

  10. Dear Chitra,
    Good Morning!
    Beautiful photos of Mahalakshmi Temple making the readers visit the temples you narrate and and show us through photos.
    I have not been to this temple.
    Hary,Ponda is a district of minimum sixty temples.Like beaches one can see churches and temples in the state.
    Chitra,why did you mix up the tag here with a temple post?

  11. Kiran
    I am happy my blog is helping many. Thanks.

  12. sm
    I am so happy to see your comment.Thanks for the youtube suggestion.Shall get in touch with you.

  13. Hary,
    Revolutionaaa....appadiyallem plan illae . Njan oru aapavi.

    My permanent residence at Chennai.At present, we are here for our work.

  14. Beautiful. I wanted to ask you for quite sometime. There is one unique structure common to all the temples that you visited in Goa. I can see that in your pictures. The tall Pisa like tower. 4th picture in this post. Can you please tell me what is it and its significance?

  15. Insignia
    Almost all the temples here have these structures ,they are the deepa sthambhas (Vilakku thoon). Earlier these used to be lit with oil lamps.But now they are illuminated by electricity. But some temples like the above, are renovated temples and these structures are only symbolic of the same. The black one is the dwajasthambha(flag pole). You would see these lighted dwajasthambhas even today in temples like Shanta Durga and Mangesh.

  16. What Insignai asked, I also wondered about all the time:)

    I liked the things you kearned fromn past...even i thing that people who are too sweet cant betrusted.

  17. Another interesting visit, thanks Chitra.

    It was also good to read your tag, to learn a little more about you. You come across as a lovely, warm woman who clearly loves her home and family.

  18. Once again, your photos are wonderful!

  19. Samvedana
    Nice to know, your doubt also got clarified and regarding my tag, experience is the greatest teacher is it not?

  20. PW
    thanks for the comment. I didn't have much to write about me, but gave it a try.

  21. Betty
    Thank you for the visit and comment.

  22. The twin shiv lingams look very beautiful!
    Very nice description also...

  23. Arti
    I think they are the protecting deities of the temple.

  24. I bet this is a very lush temple -- I think I could use to visit that temple. I need a little wealth in my life.

    I love your answers. Your love of home and family comes through in all that you do.

    All my best to you, my friend!

  25. Traci
    Welcome back.Hope you had a good break from your routine. Just back from my travel. See you soon.

  26. Very beautiful pictures. Though Goa is famous for beaches and church but through your visit I am able to see wonderful temples.

  27. Babli
    Thank you for the comment.

  28. Beautiful architecture And cleanliness as well.
    And at ShantaDurga temple - A very nice canteen And I had lunch.

  29. I have been to this temple. It is beautiful :)

  30. Appu
    So have you reached Goa. Guessed so when I saw the Kamakshi temple picture of your blog. We were regularly having food in temple canteen at Shanta Durga as we stayed very closed to the Math nearby.

  31. Beautiful pictures, Chitra. Heard a lot about Goa, must be a lovely place! I love how people in India are not afraid of colors and make use of them so freely. Thanks for your visit, i hope you have a gorgeous evening and see many stars !

  32. Martina, Thanks for dropping in. Goa is indeed a beautiful place with its picturesque landscape, greenery ,beaches etc.It is like a heaven on earth.Enjoy your day.

  33. Thanks for the comments at

    Your blog is very interesting.

  34. I'm planning to paint Mahalakshmi next..Mysore painting style :)

    LoL @ 'atleast 8 ppl will be there in the show'!! Nice enjoyable read.

  35. lostworld,
    I would wait to see your painting. Blog it once you complete it. I don't know much about Mysore paintings though I have seen Tanjore paintings. I will learn from you what is it all about.:)


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